18 Tips on how to win in online slots 

There is no better way to spend your time gambling rather than enjoying yourself in a thrilling competition against a soulless machine. The only thing that feels better amongst all entertainments offered by online casinos is winning. Let’s talk about several small online slot tips that will possibly make you a better player.

#1. Choose one and stick to one

This does not mean that you will have to be tied to one and ONLY slot game for the rest of your life, but don’t behave like a moth amongst multiple candles. Don’t jump from one slot to another just because you want to get away from cowboys and want to explore sci-fi worlds. Study one game and use your knowledge carefully.

#2. Be comfortable with your choice

Some people think that they must follow a specific set of strict rules to find the best game for them. In reality, all options re virtually the same with roughly same payouts. However, you must know how and when the machine will pay. So choose whatever you like based on any criteria.

#3. Theme is important

If you are a dedicated result-oriented player, you will have to spend countless hours looking at the same screen. Make sure that you choose a theme that aesthetically pleasing to you and won’t bore you to death within minutes.

#4. Different devs – Different rules

Every single developer has its own approach to creating perfect online slots. Some of them are rewarding constantly like ones from Microgaming. Others rely on more complicated reward systems like games from Yggdrasil.

#5. Quantity over quality

In our case, having more spins will yield better results in the long run. You will have an opportunity to get more chances at getting a jackpot or winning big if you are stretching your bank across multiple sessions instead of burning down your deposit quickly.

#6. Watch video demos

Every single company will try to promote their creations. There is a great regularly updated YouTube channel hosted by Net Entertainment employees. They systematically show off their latest games and make cool introductory videos about them. Check them out!

#7. Read reviews

There are thousands of people who are ready to share their experience. If you don’t have time to check all 400 games featured in your favorite online casino, don’t forget that some people are willing to help you out and give you are couple of tips.

#8. Don’t fall for ads

Amongst those reviewers many are just scammers who try to make you believe that some slots are paying better than others. This is not true and all games are tuned to pay back roughly 90-95%. Don’t blindly believe advertisements.

#9. Try them for free

Nearly all popular enterprises in our industry offer free tours and spins as a gift. Don’t ignore such golden opportunities and try games that interest you without paying a dime. In some places you will even be offered demo accounts or even money. Don’t hesitate.

#10. Try cycling

This is a good approach to get rid of redundancy in your play. Some believe that choosing three-four games and alternating between them when you win is a good idea. Actually, this is not a super smart strategy, but it is a nice way to keep things fresh if you feel bored.

#11. Regularly rest

This is really important advice. Do not spend in front of your PC countless hours without pausing. The same goes for your mobile phone. Make sure to stretch and clean your head once in a while. Just make a short break every 1-2 hours.

#12. Don’t Hunt for Jackpots

These mega prizes are designed to be totally luck based. This means that you don’t have to try specific slots and risk money just to get a shot at winning big. You will either get it or not. Just stick to your plan instead of dreaming about the 1 in a million chance.

#13. Don’t search for mythical cheats

Some scammers in the internet offer special hacking programs that promise you to break online slots and offer you an unfair advantage. Such things do not exist. Forget about them. Concentrate on improving your own skills.

#14. Spend bonuses first

If you get free stuff, always use it before you will start burning through your own funds. There are various weekly offers and special one-time promos. You can accumulate a lot of spins and free virtual banknotes to get a chance at winning without even touching your hard earned cash.

#15. Never stress out

Tilting is a bad thing and you should always try to remain calm and collected. Remember that losing streaks are just as likely as winning ones. If you have a rough series of results, just take a break and calm down.

#16. Don’t get attached to games

This is actually more common than you think. Some gamblers believe that some slots favor them. Being superstitious is not bad but giving soulless mathematical algorithms purpose aside of earning money for their owners is quite strange. Starburst does not love you. This is selective memory speaking.

#17. Enjoy wins and forget losses

Both are inevitable and you must learn how to embrace defeats and victories. This will help you to become “tilt-proof” and learn how to win in the long run instead of wagering everything on a single “all in” play.

#18. Remember to have fun.

So many people think that gambling is a source of income. No. It is a way to entertain yourself and get a healthy burst of dopamine in your brain. Winning is just a possible side effect. Have fun.

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