5 biggest online slot wins of all time

Perhaps every gambler out there at least once in his life has dreamed of winning big and getting a chance to begin a new life of luxury and wealth. For the next five incredibly lucky players those dreams actually came true in one fortuitous spin of slot reels.

#5 Big win at River Belle Casino

It was a day just like any other for a Greek small business owner named Georgios in 2009. He was enjoying yet another spin on the Mega Moolah slot, one of the best known online slots in the history of the internet, when his life changed for the better forever he has won 6,300,000 euro in just one click. The advice he gave to all the fellow gamblers dreaming of hitting the jackpot was simple: Never lose hope, the victorious moment could come at any time.

#4 A new jackpot world record comes from Sweden

In November of 2012 a woman was about to bring the gambling session at Unibet Casino to an end when she suddenly was rendered speechless. The Hall of Gods slot rewarded the European with a jackpot worth 7,600,000 euro! I bet she was happy she decided to go for that last spin, as it allowed her to pay off her loans, travel the world and get a luxurious new ride.

#3 From an insomniac to a millionaire

Everybody hates those long nights when you just can’t fall asleep no matter what you do. Well, a gambler from Norway will be thankful his whole life for a night like that in 2011, as it turned his world upside down. He decided to kill some time by playing a few rounds on the Mega Fortune slot and met the next morning with a 11,736,375 euro jackpot in his pocket. As you might imagine, he didn’t sleep any better after that, wondering if he was asleep and dreaming of the win.

#2 A bet of 25 cents wins 17 million euro

Sounds like all the lucky casino strikes happen in Europe, am I right? Well, this story is no exception. In 2013 a player from Finland bet just 0.25 euro on the same Mega Fortune slot as the previous big winner, except his win was even larger 17,861,800 euro. The player later confessed that he has always been more fond of poker than slots I bet he has changed his mind now!

#1 Mega Moolah slot strikes again

Let’s dive into the story of the current Guinness World Record book holder for the largest online slot jackpot win. This fortunate slot player from Britain has the Mega Moolah slot to thank he has won 17,879,645 euro in just one spin. The winner of the jackpot was a young British soldier and he decided to spend his money on a noble cause helping his family with hospital bills. With these inspiring stories in mind we bet you can’t wait to go spin some reels and hope to become the next person in our list of top winners of online slots, so we won’t hold you anymore. Good luck!

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