7 Absurd Ideas that Actually Help to Be a Successful Gambler

Online gambling is not about sheer luck and whims of the random number generation. There are interesting cool techniques that you can use to make yourself a better gamer and start winning where you usually lose. Today we are talking about several really great ideas that will turn tables and transform any mediocre slot user into a regularly winning enemy of all online casinos in the world. We will touch on both psychological and technical methods that might give you a small edge over soulless slot machines.

Tip #1. Never Use the Max Bet Option

Despite the fact that every single casino tries to tell you that betting big means that you can win a life changing amount of money, you will have lesser chances to actually sustain your playstyle over a long period of time. In fact, you will become a loser with empty pockets within a couple of hours. There is nothing worse than exceeding your budget limitations. This is the most important tip that you can get from any experienced player – never use the Max Bet button. Just imagine that it doesn’t exist or work.

7 Absurd Ideas that Actually Help to Be a Successful Gambler


Tip #2. Don’t Switch from One Slot to Another

Many gamblers believe that variety is a blessing and that you should be changing the pace from time to time and definitely try out all new cool slots. This is not true. In reality, you need to become comfortable with rules and patterns of particular slots in order to never break the rule from the tip above. Using a new game and feeling that you are on a winning streak may push you off the balance and make you bet more than you should. Avoid such temptations. Just choose a couple of really cool games and master them in order to achieve steadier results.

Tip #3. Get Yourself a Lucky Charm

This may sound absurd but having a superstitious belief that lady luck is on your side can materialize in actual results. This is due to the fact that gamblers that combine their beliefs with carefully weaved strategies have a stronger mentality and do not fall apart after a long losing streak. Such gamblers will most certainly avoid tilting and wait for a moment to strike back at an online casino and win some money. A rabbit leg in your pocket can be a silly symbol that has from little to no history behind it, but it may also calm you down when nerves start trembling.

Tip #4. Create Some Rituals to Do Before a Gambling Session

Many players in online casinos do not have any rituals like those who visit land-based places. However, rituals and preparations are good things for people who need additional activities to truly calm themselves. The ritual is a loud word. This can be a simple thing. Just a couple of hot tea before you get started or reading a couple of pages of your favorite haiku book. On the other hand, you can easily set up a fire and learn some voodoo moves to attract fortune. The main goal is to clear your mind and avoid crucial mistakes that will drain your balance dry in a glance.

Tip #5. Deposit a Lot of Money

A whole bunch of people in the industry try to push those “minimal deposit” numbers to the minimum. However, this is only to “hook” people. In reality, some companies have great bonuses and special gifts to people who actually pay good dollar. Don’t be a scrooge and make a nice deposit to get all those bonuses and privileges. Obviously, choose tested companies that never postpone or deny withdrawals and enjoy your big bonuses! Don’t think that getting the smallest possible payment is the way to go, you must try to gain an advantage.

Tip #6. Write Everything Down on Paper

We live in a world where everything goes to clouds and texts. We are used to typing all our notes in smartphones and laptops, but we never invest in our notes. Being physically invested in your notes is a great way to ensure that you remember about them. Keep track of your losses and winnings every day, use pencil and paper, and learn to become attached to your notes. This will prevent you from overspending and betting too much when it is unnecessary. Thousands and tens of thousands of gamblers fall victims to irresponsible gambling habits and poor money management. Trust us, getting yourself a physical notebook will help greatly.

Tip #7. Have Alarms to Control Your Sessions

Gambling can be incredibly addictive and make you lose the sense of time. Online casinos are designed to be darkish and look luxurious yet never distract you with aggressive color palettes to make you forget about the flow of time and force you spend more time playing. In order to wake up on time and enjoy your evenings more, set up alarms. Alarms should tell you when it is time to stop playing or simply make a brief pause to get rid of the rush. This is a great technique for time management and it ties in well with our other tips. If you have an organized schedule, you will have easier times supervising your expenses, losses, winnings, and stay calm at all times.

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