A Day Well Lived: The Joys of Online Gambling from the Outsider Perspective

Disclaimer: we asked a friend who is not into games at all to visit an online casino and register there. We gave him some money and asked him to write about his experience. Without a further ado, this is a result of this small experiment.

I don’t really like risking my money. I was raised in a very conservative family with my father having a strikingly strict relationship with finances. His ideas about how I should manage my capitals transferred to me like genetic information. Thus, I have always kept distance from lotteries, roulettes, and other similar joys that millions of fellow Brits praise quite highly.

When I was asked to participate in this small experiment, I hesitated for a long while, but eventually gave up. Just FYI, gambling is not a temptation for me, I just don’t care about the jolly wonderful feeling of winning. Dreaming about something vague and distant is not my best trait so I naturally avoid the gravitas of chance. This experiment promised to be a good adventure.

My first impressions and the registration process

The website looked gorgeous. I was offered a bunch of options by my friends. Immediately my eyes were caught by that slick look of the Casumo casino. I actually did not think for long since I don’t really know about any other brand. In all honesty, I just fancied the font of the title.

What I liked about the website is that it worked like Swiss clock. Not that I like anything related to Switzerland. Credit is where it is due: the country knows an awful lot about making good watches. The website responded quickly and the whole process of registration took only a couple of minutes. I entered my e-mail, set up a good password, shared some other information, and made my first ever deposit without any hiccups. It actually felt much better to use this website compared to horrendous experience that awaits users on many government sites.

Games I played

Despite my friends telling me that I would be overwhelmed by the choice, I was not. In fact, the variety did nothing to startle me. Quite the opposite, I found it easy to choose a game of my liking since I don’t know the difference between those games, I just chose the one that had pirates. Yarrgh!

It was actually really fun to play. I messed around with all those buttons and settings for a bit. When my curiosity was satiated, I started playing. Winning felt great. Gold coins falling around, treasure chests popping up, pirates looking fancy, and graphics honestly surprised me. I remember the last time I saw a slot machine. It was in a BBC documentary. People were sitting in front of huge one-handed bandits mostly.

I had a blast with Pirates and also tried out a lot of other games, but Pirates were the best! Poker game was boring. I’m not a card person and waiting for other people to make their turns feels really tedious. However, I enjoyed bingo. Overall, I had a lot of fun with games.

My results

Surprisingly, I did really well and lost only 30 quid. I started with more than 150 quid and some bonuses. My friends said that for my first try and due to me not having any experience or ability to control my finances the results were amazing.

The glorious conclusion

Did I enjoy this experience? Absolutely. I was very fun to play games for the whole day while drinking my tea and eating my biscuits. Would I do it again? I doubt it. Some people are just not into games. I did not feel anything particularly memorable when winning. I also feel not that good about spending my own money. However, I don’t want to negatively talk about the Casumo or gambling in general. In fact, I loved the design of the website and how it worked. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent with those funny pirates. It is just not interesting for me personally.

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