Best dealer championship

Gambling institution without a dealer, that poker without cards. This craft, I think it can be so called, takes a leading place in the entertainment gaming industry, as the dealer depends not only on the security and dynamics of the game, but also on its popularity.

Best dealer championship That’s why the owners of the casino so desire to get highly qualified staff who can improve the status of the gambling establishment and even become a reason for pride.

History of the championship

A qualified croupier is a coveted employee in any gambling establishment, and to attract and interest him, casino owners are going to a lot of tricks: everything can start with additional cash payments, tasty social packages, and end with an elite status — Best Croupier of the World! (well, or to start, at least his gambling house)

The first competitions, which determined the most professional dealer, were held in America and Australia, but they were of local importance and were not equated to the status of international. Everything changed when the famous in the gaming industry holding TCS John Huxley decided to hold the first International Croupier Championship. This decision was born in the capital of England in 2004, at the International Casino Show during which the first tournament was organized

Pioneers in this event, that is, the contestants, were few, most of them were croupiers from the Foggy Albion and a number of other European countries. The organizational part of the tournament was not at the highest level, but the public was not embarrassed — she reveled and enjoyed the innovation. On all competitive days, people stood in crowds at the stands, where the croupier demonstrated his skills.

During the competition, the participants had to prove their superiority over rivals in the favorite casino games — roulette and Вlackjack. Everything was taken into account: both skill and attention to the guests, and the ability to bypass the «sharp corners». Everyone was given a speech for only 10 minutes. In that first year, the winner was the British David Sweet, who was awarded a trip to the capital of world excitement Las Vegas.

The English championship was so successful that TCS John Huxley decided to hold tournaments in South Africa, Australia and the Russian Federation. A year after the first championship, a new leader was determined — the status of «Best Dealer» was won by Sean Watres, an employee of the New Zealand entertainment center «Christchurch», who demonstrated her first-class skills during the international exhibition in Sydney. The girl won $ 1tys. and a trip to Las Vegas. In that year there were more participants than in the London event — 26 people from all corners of the world entered the battle for their honorary status.

In the same year, 2005, the same championship was held in South Africa, again the girl-dealer Carol Sinuka, who represented the casino «Hemingways», won again. It should be noted that the Africans came with all responsibility to this event and representatives of almost all gambling establishments of South Africa participated in the tournament.

European example

Best dealer championship

Since 2007, a new chronicle of international competitions begins: this year, the European Casino Association held its tournament, which was held in Spain and was attended by 18 croupiers from ten European countries. Every year, the number of contestants only increased and by 2010, applications for participation were submitted by 33 croupiers.

To become participants of the prestigious championship, casino employees undergo rigorous selection in the countries they represent.

The ninth championship under the aegis of the European Casino Association was held last year in Slovenia, applications for participation were submitted by 30 countries. Representatives of European entertainment centers jury awarded points for hospitality, as well as for knowledge of the technical part of the game. Again, the British turned out to be the best — Matthew Lucesini, but other croupiers were also awarded with awards, for example, the Belgian Oliver Bateman had no equal in the mathematical account, and the Slovenian Daniel Caliphig was recognized as an unrivaled distributor of cards.


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