What are the best platforms for playing poker tournaments?

In modern poker, it is already difficult to do without special programs that somehow help us make the right game decisions.

What are the best platforms for playing poker tournaments?

The level of the game has grown to such an extent that ordinary instinct is no longer enough. Each move, any decision of the regulators is primarily based on statistical programs, on the collected information about us. So do not be surprised if some type has read our bluff and called with 3rd pair. He just has enough information. Today we will try to allocate the minimum of programs that will help all tournament players to earn more money …

Holdem Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4

These two giants are clearly ahead of all of their competitors in their popularity and usefulness for players. In addition to the usual collection and analysis of hands, these programs can configure HUDs up to dozens of tables, provide combined scores of wins and losses, repeat hands played with all the opponents’ stats, select tables depending on our preferences … The list goes on and on, but it’s easier to download and check everything by yourself. Moreover, HM2 can now be found absolutely free of charge on several sites, and having fulfilled several conditions, it’s easy to use the smart software. And all this despite the fact that the average price for microlights is around $ 100. PT4, in turn, always offers a 30-day trial version so that we can determine whether we need this program or not. Now it is more difficult to find a player who does not use anything than someone who has already collected statistics on all of them with the help of HM2 or PT4. The choice is ours: do not clutter up your gaming tables with unnecessary information and use only the good old instinct and observation, or go to more modern technologies and watch live on the statistics of opponents.

Tournament Indicator

Another assistant for the tournament player. The main feature of this program is the ability to take into account changes in the style of the game of a gambler, depending on the stage of the tournament and increasing the blinds. This, in turn, allows you to get into ITM much more often, which is certainly a huge plus for this software. In addition, in Tournament Indicator you can assess the strength of our starting hands, calculate the pot odds, the probability of completing a particular combination of opponents, determine the necessary outs on the turn and river … If the opponent was pre-flop and we do not know whether to call or not this prog will make a comparison of our hand with the most standard range of all-ins of this opponent and will prompt the desired solution. Indeed, Tournament Indicator’s capabilities are on the verge of fiction, but a free version on the web is unlikely to be found. We’ll have to shell out $ 90-100, but we’ll immediately be a step above those who do not use this program.


What are the best platforms for playing poker tournaments?

Ever since ancient times to this day, this program is one of the most perfect for training your push / fold strategy. If we have any doubts how to play in this or that situation, then ICMIZER 2 will calculate everything completely taking into account our position, the stack, the stage of the tournament, the size of the prizes, and will give the correct answer. Most of all, this program suits the fans of sit-and-go, in particular heads-ups, because there is much more often to apply the strategy of push / fold. Another advantage is that the keys for ICMIZER 2 are scattered in the network at every step, so it will not be difficult to find the right one and use this program in its entirety.

SitNGo Wizard

Do not forget about the training … This program will allow beginners to hone the skills of playing in the sit-and-go, and experienced players will be able to find mistakes in their game, thanks to a clear analysis of each hand. SitNGo Wizard identifies the equity of each of our solutions and determines its rationality. If earlier this took a huge amount of time, now such actions can be done in seconds. At the end of the tournament, the program shows the total statistics with all the errors and shortcomings. We can only draw the appropriate conclusions, each time the game will only improve. The cost of this «magic» simulator is around $ 100, but all who use it, invariably notice a positive trend in their sit-and-go game.

On the Internet, you can find more than a dozen programs that somehow help us feel comfortable at the gaming table, but the necessary base is already described above. For someone, it’s quite enough to install Hold’em Manager, since if you completely understand this program, you can find a bunch of «buns» with which the other programs are already becoming redundant. However, if our goal is to develop as much poker software as possible, we recommend the following: MacroPoker, FlopZilla, StackandTile, Poker-Edge, Holdem Resourses Calculator and the like. You can continue this list for a very long time, but basically it will already be analogs. Choose only what really helps, leaving fashion and popularity to the background.


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