3 reasons why trying betting arbitrage may not be a good idea

Arbitrage betting is a system of betting used in sports gambling that takes advantage of differences between odds that different bookmakers offer. Using this strategy a gambler finds two bookmakers that offer odds that cancel each other out in a way that the gambler will make profit no matter which team wins. It makes sense to make an arbitrage bet, or a sports arb, as more seasoned gamblers call it, only in games where there are only two possible outcomes, such as baseball or soccer. Arbitrage sports betting is completely legal, but, for understandable reasons, it’s not well-liked by bookmakers. Sports betting websites do their best to stop people from engaging in sports arbitrage and may even suspend an account if they suspect a player. So how exactly does it work? For example, there is a game between teams A and B, the odds of team A winning are 1.375 at one bookmaker and a different bookmaker offers the odds of team B winning at 5.500. If you bet 80 dollars on team A at the first bookmaking agency, and 20 dollars at the second one, you will have spent a hundred dollars total, and whatever the outcome is, you win 110 dollars, making a profit of 10 without any risk of losing. But that is only in theory. Below we will discuss 3 reasons why sports betting arbitrage doesn’t always work.

1. Can anyone learn arbitrage sports betting?

Technically, the answer is yes. But when it comes to business, sports arbitrage is not that simple, it requires people to have a lot of spare money, to be willing to risk that money, to spend a lot of time monitoring odds at different websites and to be ready to spend a significant amount of time learning sport arbitrage. There is a lot of complex calculations involved, and you need to learn to do them in seconds. You can use special software, but it takes money to buy it and time to become proficient in it. After all, arbitrage football betting is time consuming and stressful, as you need to make a decision about betting your money in the matter of seconds before an opportunity vanishes.

2. You won’t get rich right away by using arbitrage in sports betting

It takes a lot of money and time to start learning arbitrage betting and you need to be prepared to go slowly but steadily, You can easily lose your money if a bet goes wrong of if the bookmaking website catches on to what you’re doing, so it’s best to go slowly and build up your capital steadily as you go instead of making huge bets right away.

3. The risks of sport betting arbitrage

After a cursory look you might assume that arbitrage betting is completely free of risk, and that is how it looks to most rookies. However, there are a lot of things that can ruin your dreams and your bankroll. For instance, different websites might have special rules about penalties or extra time added to games, which can crush your win, plus, bookmaker errors in odds listed on the websites or in payouts are more than frequent. The bookmaker can refuse to pay you if they suspect that you made an arbitrage bet, or your bank can block your account if there are sums of money being moved around all the time.

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