Betting Strategy: Gambling with Fibonacci System

One of the Italian mathematicians, Luigi Fibonacci, probably, was not aware that the numerical row, which he discovered more than 900 years back, can be used in gambling, and will be used as one of the most progressive betting strategies in the 21st century.

The logical reasoning behind the Fibonacci system is very easy: each following number makes a sum of two numbers before the picked one. For example, here are its first numbers of the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, …

At first, this sequence seems to have no sense, which makes it hard to remember, that’s why we advise you to copy these numbers and to have them in front of your eyes.

The system defines the betting amount, and after each win the gambler is supposed to move along the sequence, picking the next numbers, thus, increasing the bet. Each win returns two previous lost bets, that’s why after each win one is supposed to return two numbers back.

Once you’ve decided to use Fibonacci system, your bets must make multiples of figures in Fibonacci row. For example, if your first bet equals $5, your bets by Fibonacci system are going to be 5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 65, 105, 170, etc.

Fun fact

Creation of many gambling activities owes to prominent scientists; for example, roulette was invented by a famous scientist Blaise Pascal, when he was trying to create his perpetual motion engine. Even when the modern science has proven that his scientific idea was impossible to fulfill, now the world enjoys playing roulette.

How does Fibonacci system work?

For example, the gambler lost first four bets, i.e. seven chips. The next bet must be equal to 5. If it wins, we will get two last bets, which have lost, back, i.e. 2 and 3. Total loss will make up 2 chips. After each win the gambler is supposed to return two steps back in a sequence, and make a bet of two chips. If the gambler wins now, he or she is going to return two previous bets – one and one. IN this case, he or she will be able to start following the sequence from the start.

This strategy can be used in any online casino for playing baccarat or roulette. It gives small stable wins. To lower the risk, one can choose to limit the sequence, using only first five to six steps. It will help you to avoid big losses, that’s why gambling by Fibonacci system is perfect for those who are able to stand moderate loses looking for consecutive wins.

Fibonacci strategy is often compared to Martinghale strategy, which is very popular among the gamblers, however, in this strategy the gambler doesn’t try to return the loses back with one big win, and tries to return only two last bets, which obviously reduces chances for losing.

However, the system has a number of disadvantages, most of which are linked with the fact that sometimes you might have a bad round of luck, thus, you will risk betting large sums, following the system.

Nonetheless, it helps you win in a short term, but it requires you to have some decent initial amount of money, because you will always put higher and higher bets.

The tests show that this system gives negative total result, and some other systems are proved to be luckier, however, Fibonacci betting system is still advised to be used simply for fun.

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