What books are a must for a gambler?

It is wrong to say that the result of gambling totally depends on your fortune. Professionals learn, read, explore strategies, and improve their knowledge. You can reach it in different ways. The most effective way is reading special articles and books for gamblers. The following books from our list will definitely help you to reach success in gambling.

1. Gambling 102. The Best Strategies for All Casino Games.

The book is written by Michael Shaclford, an expert in gaming analytics. He works as a consultant in many casinos all over the world. He has been teaching mathematical probability of theory of Games in Nevada university. Thus, Gambling 102 is a treasure, for the author shares his knowledge and experience through this book. He draws various strategies, demonstrates the results by means of tables.

A separate chapter is dedicated to online sloths. There are no secret methods how to beat a machine, but the author shares his own experience. Manner and writing style will impress everyone, as the book is understandable to any gambler.

The book is advised to

Experienced gamblers. If you are not one of them yet, get acquainted with general notions in gambling sphere prior to reading this work.

Michael Shaclford has also launched a website, where he describes successful strategies.

2. The Winners Guide to Casino Gambling

Edward Silbershtang, an author of ‘Winner’s guide’, helps gamblers to increase rate of return and to minimize the advantage of casino. The book includes chapters about slot machines, roulette, blackjack, dice. The author lists and explains the most effective strategies, which give payouts throughout the game. The author proposes a system of wise distribution of money. He talks of popular beliefs about bets, explains what is truth and what is a myth about them. A great part of the book is dedicated to the system of casino advantage and the ways to minimize it.

The book is advised to

Both professionals and beginners.

3. Theory of Gambling

Mason Malmouth has presented his new book about gambling. The author reveals the reasons why gamblers reach significant results. He has studied the actions of truly successful people. Using life examples, the author explains how to reach success. The book has a number of tables showing the probability of win; the thoughts and actions of professionals are explained. A big chapter of the book is dedicated to poker.

The book is advised to

Beginners – to make them feel more comfortable in the game, and to professionals – to help them develop their skills.

4. How to become a professional. A complete guide for dummies.

The authors of the work have seriously opened gambling theme. They do not promise that you will be able to become wealthy fast, and they openly declare that there is no tool for being in a constant stream of luck. They tell that gambling machines and sloths bring a lot of satisfaction, but may hit your budget as well. They give detailed advices, which help to increase the chances to win. The authors do not use complex mathematical theories, schemes, and tables. Facts and methods are given in easy and understandable form. Online and physical casinos are described in the book.

The book is advised to

Beginners; it will become a good guide to the world of gambling.

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