Casinos on cruise liners. What are the classes of liners offering casinos?


As such, the division of cruise companies into classes is not, rather, it is a conditional characteristic. According to the total number of points, a sea vessel is rewarded with «stars», but a little differently, if compared with how it is done in the hotel business.

Casinos on cruise liners. What are the classes of liners offering casinos?

The stars go to cruise liners, not companies, so different ships of the same company can belong to different classes. The main thing on which attention is focused is the characteristics of the vessel itself, as well as the ratio of personnel to the number of tourists.

Luxury class among cruise companies

Travel with such an operator can be described in three words — expensive, long-lasting, exotic. These companies are not oriented to family rest, their main clientele is the cream of the business segment and simply held people. Rarely such companies use large liners, rather, on the contrary, they use ships for 300 — 800 people. For «Lux» classes, owners purchase old ships, in which luxurious repairs are made. Here, first of all, they think about creating maximum comfort, and not about optimizing costs. On average, 1 person from the service staff is responsible for 1 person.

Among the available games, the emphasis is on classics, bingo and lottery are absent. On average, the minimum bet for playing roulette is $ 5, for card games — $ 10- $ 25.

Premium Cruise Companies

In general, large-scale liners are used, which can make even the longest trips comfortable. Everything is organized in such a way that, at will, there are options for both family holidays and adult clients. Among the passengers are mostly secured people, who also rarely visit land gambling houses. For card tables, bets start at $ 5, and for roulettes start at $ 1. On some ships, the minimum beta threshold may be even lower.

Level «Standard»

Naturally, such companies are the most, almost 80% of the market is their services. Capacious liners, on board which can easily be up to 2 thousand vacationers, the conditions are the most thought-out for recreation with children, the price policy is loyal. Class «Standard» — top in the business sector on the high seas. A normal practice is the merger of several small firms, which eventually form large holding conglomerates. The goal is simple: to take the best from the «sharks» of this business and to squeeze the latter from the leading positions. Firms-loukostery invested in the construction of new airliners and if it were not for the desire to optimize costs in combination with the restriction on the number of personnel, they could easily create competition «Premium» level.

The bigger the ship — the more gambling tables. For ships for 3000 tourists, on average, in the casino is set from 15 to 20 tables, on small ships — the number drops to 5.
Despite the relatively low prices for travel, companies of this level manage to earn well thanks to the costs of customers aboard the aircraft. A good profit brings the casino, where the minimum rates, and attendance directly depend on the season and cruise routes.

The specifics of the casino operation on cruise ships.

Casinos on cruise liners. What are the classes of liners offering casinos?

How much does it cost to play a floating casino? The price depends on the season and the route, not to mention the level of the liner. South America, the Caribbean, the United Arab Emirates — these destinations are in demand all year round and the casino operates in 24nonstop mode. On ships with age and in the «silence» season, players are lured by low stakes — a roulette game from ¢ 25, card games with stakes from $ 1 — a paradise for lovers of excitement. In non-season it is not uncommon to find even lotteries.

The most profitable direction is the Asian one. In the same Celestial Empire, where land gambling business is banned, there are a lot of well-off tourists eager to visit the casino. During the cruises in Asia, the casino has sold out and the establishments operate right up to the very arrival on the beach. Some companies specifically fix their ships behind Chinese ports, where they are then permanently based. Companies Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess announced in the near future the launch of the construction of modern airliners, where only Chinese can rest, guests from other countries can not go aboard. In addition to the Chinese market is also calculated 4 ships of the company Costa Cruises.

Work on cruise liners is at least interesting, but it’s impossible to describe it simply: often young children have to work without days off, being in the workplace until 80 hours per week.
On liners there is always an excuse to look into the casino even to those passengers who have never been to classical gambling houses. Longer trips and impressive geography of guests are a good reason to celebrate the brightest calendar holidays on the way. For example, during Easter, players are looking for special Easter eggs with prizes. And on one of the main holidays in Ireland — St. Patrick’s Day — you can visit the casino at least in order to enjoy the sounds of bagpipes that can play the whole evening. In addition, gaming chips and tickets for Bingo rely on the best performer of the national dance on this day.

By and large, casinos on ships are not much different from classic gambling establishments. Maybe, they are not so closed and will please those who know their democracy. Interweaving of dozens of nationalities and cultures — such an international you definitely will not find in the usual land casinos. Aggression and negativity from the next loss are extremely rare, because for guests of airliners visiting a casino is more likely one of many bright emotions from an unforgettable trip than a desire to earn money.


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