Debts and credits in online casinos

Those who are at least somewhat familiar with gambling, including its online forms, know it perfectly, that you can both win or lose a big amount of money instantly.

Experienced gamblers know that in case of a big loss it is better to stop. A short break will help to collect your thoughts, to realize how big your losses are, and to develop a further plan. Inexperienced players will start making deposits trying to beat the game by any means in this situation. If they lack money for deposits, they will try to borrow. As you have already understood, in this article we will talk about debts and why one should avoid having them.

Debts in online casino

In one of the articles we have already talked how beneficial it is to have friends in the community of online casino gamers. They will help you at any moment, when you need, for example, to exchange between the currencies or to borrow you some money for the game. You should be very cautious doing that. Surely, if you know each other in offline, and for a long period of time, you won’t have any problems in making a transfer of $100-200 to your pal, but there are cases when users of online gambling communities borrow the money, and return them back at the first time. After a while they borrow a bigger amount of money again and disappear, leaving no trace.

What to do?

In such situations one must remember that it is impossible to disappear with no trace. We strongly recommend gamblers to make screenshots of online chats with such users. They will help you to collect all the information, including data about a person, e-mails, telephone numbers, etc. This information must be placed in many communities in order to find a person or to warn others about a scheme artist. It may happen that others will help you to recognize him or her. We know of the cases when the scheme artist was not only spotted and got the guests at his doorstep, but also his actions were reported to his relatives and friends, after which the debts were returned back.

Thus, we want to inform you that it is meaningless to trust those whom you don’t know in person. Besides, you should think twice before you lend any sum of money even to those who you know for long time. Do not borrow the money yourself as well. There is a high chance that you will lose the money, which will increase your debt even more. Secondly, if you have already lost all the money, most probably, it means that you have a wrong strategy for your game. Stop and ask yourself if this loss is a peculiar mistake or you just lack some skills, experience, and patience?

Online credits for playing in online casinos

There is a great number of stories, when those who visit real casinos take credits and borrow money from some funds and organizations to win back the money they lost in slots or casinos. In some cases they can even take credits or borrow some money in the Internet.

Imagine the situation: a gambler loses his or her last money in some video slot, being in a state of deep disappointment and anger, which drives him or her to become obsessed with the idea of beating the game, having a burning desire to bring fortune back to his or her side. In a while, he or she is very likely to figure out that the bank card or the e-wallet are completely empty, and starts thinking where his or her money are. While it happens, our imaginary character thinks that everything was just a small mistake, and if he or she only had some more money, they would win a lot more than they lost, and they will need just 15 minutes for it.

This is a very wrong approach. Because in the end of the story he or she will browse the interned for borrowing money somewhere quick, and some websites will guarantee him or her quick credits, which will be lost again within the next hour!

If by some chance you managed to lose your own money in online casino (which is a great mistake from the point of view of professionals and experienced players), do not borrow funds just for trying your luck again in a hope to win! Most probably, it means that you lack experience, and need to stop and to think more. Also, think thrice before lending money to someone.

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