Differences between European and American roulette explained

What should factor into your choice of online casino roulette type? Surprisingly, it’s not only the matter of your personal preference or habit. It’s all about the math. European roulette only has one zero on the wheel, while American roulette wheel has both a zero and a double zero. Because of this small discrepancy American roulette gives a 5.26 percent edge to the house. On the other hand, when you play casino games using a European roulette, the house edge is only 2.70 percent, which means that you odds of ending up with a positive balance are way higher. So unless you absolutely love playing American roulette game and hate European roulette wheel, you will be better off doing your roulette gambling using the latter.

Other differences between two types of equipment used for playing casino games следуют из первой и главной. The number of sectors on a European roulette wheel is 37, while there are 38 sectors on an American roulette. You can expect to get an average payout of 97.3 dollars for every hundred dollars you bet on a wheel used in Europe, on the other hand, you can expect to lose an extra 2.56 dollar playing the American version of this casino game, that’s money you’re basically giving away to online casinos for free just because you’re choosing the wrong type of the wheel.

French roulette wheel

This variation of roulette is less common if you play at an online casino, but it definitely has it’s advantage, as if you bet on even or odd numbers and the ball lands on zero, you only have to give up half of your bet to the casino. Another big difference from two previous variations of free casino games is that everything is written in French on the table. But don’t worry – there are only a few words, so it shouldn’t stop you from trying out this online roulette game.

The anatomy of a casino roulette wheel

If you play at a real-life casino, the wheel will be three feet in diameter. When you play roulette online, the size of the wheel and the general layout of the game depends on the website you choose, the screen of your device and its type. Each American roulette wheel has 38 pockets, European roulettes have 37 pockets because there is no double zero. Zero and double zero pockets are green, and among the rest of the pockets half are red and half are black. When you first look at the wheel, it seems like there is no logic to the location of the numbers. However, consecutive number are located across from each other on the roulette. Perfect knowledge of where each number is located can come in extremely handy when you’re playing casino roulette at a brick and mortar casino, as some dealers throw the ball in a way that it always ends up in the same section of the wheel. If you notice this, you can dramatically increase your chances of winning but, of course, this is only possible if you are familiar enough with the wheel from playing at casinos online.

Now that you know what’s what in the roulette world, choose an online casino from our rating of best online casinos and get down to playing roulette online!

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