How to Earn Money Online? Be Aware of Scams

Half of people who googled “how to make money in the internet” had come across various blogs and articles describing a way to do virtually nothing and make living. These articles are fakes, scams. Don’t believe them! Not a single man will share a secret that brings him money with minimal effort. This is simply naïve and dumb! Old money-making schemes that actually worked do not work anymore. When you see a man desperately trying to sell you a “working strategy”, this golden goose will soon stop bringing in profits! The guru simply wants to fool you.
Let’s talk about popular scams.

1. Martingale system.

A very popular internet scam has a rich history and has been deceiving people for a while. However, many still believe that it works!
Usually, a scammer offers you to start playing roulette and describes an adequate sequence of actions.
It sounds quite logical. For example, you have a $100 deposit. We make a bet on red and lose. We again bet on red, but this time we double the wager. Even if we lose again, we double-up once more. Eventually we win and get to keep $1 that we wanted in the first place. This looks quite profitable. And you start thinking that you can do it.
Firstly, if you came across such an article, you will surely read a lot about reliable casinos that always pay and provide the best service out there. Usually, these casinos are fake and the owner will simply close it after collecting your money.
Why Doesn’t The System Work?
The system is a guaranteed loss in the long run. At the same time, many casinos do not allow you to bet less than a certain amount and more than a certain amount heavily limiting this strategy.

2. Special Casino Software.

You may find a website or a YouTube video where a man tells a story how he developed a miraculous program that knows how to win in slot machines, roulettes, and other games. This online scam will look convincing. The advertiser will show how the system works using lots of terms and “coding” to explain the intricacies of the program. Then, he will most likely ask you to buy it. When asked why would he sell such a money-maker, he will be ready to parry. His answer will be something along the lines of “I’m the greatest hacker ever and can make better programs. I just need some cash right now and want to help out people.” Be warned! Licensed casinos employ server-side gaming. There is no such thing like cheating. If there was a way to somehow exploit a casino, no one would share it.

3. The Wonder-Wallet

This scam-scheme actually worked previously and there are still people who become victims. Someone tells you that there is a bug in a payment system. Sending any money to a specific account will result in an automatic double cashback. You decide to check it out and send $5 bucks. Amazingly, you receive $10 immediately. This is a psychological trick that counts on your being greedy and sending more.

4. The “You Inherited a Fortune” Method

You may receive a letter. The sender will be unknown to you. Addresses usually look quite reliable like The letter reads that your secret uncle just died and he left you a huge heritage. The only thing that stands between you and a fortune is the lack of documents. This internet scam is actually a convincing scam. The sender will exchange letters and explain that legal fees are such and such and that you need to pay in order to receive your money.

5. Your Actions Are Illegal, Send an SMS!

Sometimes, you may come across an internet page that covers your screen and stops you from doing anything. Such pages are often pop-ups on porn, scam, and simply bad websites. The page will ask you to send an SMS to a short number. Don’t waste time and money. Simply using your regular “ctrl+alt+del” combination or restarting the PC will easily get rid of the problem.

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