The most epic losers in the history of casinos

Each client goes to the casino, scrolling in the head only one thought — to win as much money as possible! But not every day even the most experienced and strong players manage to break a large jackpot.

The most epic losers in the history of casinos
Moreover, any player should always remember that during gambling, you can not only win, but also remain with nothing. Therefore, we decided to tell you about the loudest losses that were recorded in the history of the casino.

Loss record-breaker

The record-breaker for losses can be called Terry Watanbe, who in 2007 managed to leave $ 200 million in the gambling houses of Rio and Ceasar’s Palace. Terry’s failure amounted to about 6% of the total annual profit of these establishments. When our protagonist played all the visitors of the casino watched the process, after all very often Watanbe performed simply unthinkable, near-mad actions. During the game in blackjack at rates of $ 50 thousand, he received 20 points on three boxes. Watanbe everywhere asked for more on the map, counting on the fact that he would finally get a «point», but the ace never opened. At the end of the game, Terry paid off only half of his loss and decided that it would be enough. But the casino owners did not agree with this state of affairs and appealed to the court.

British Roulette Fan

Also in our rating was billionaire Kerry Parker, who in 1999 for three weeks took to one of the gambling houses of the country almost $ 30 million. He probably decided that on the reached figure one should not stop and very soon lost a roulette for $ 25 million Parker has never been particularly upset about his gambling fiasco and that’s why he was often very lucky. Many casinos of the country cautiously treated him, fearing that one fine night he would ruin them.

«Fat Man» from Syria

The most epic losers in the history of casinos

Another player who «was lucky» to get into our rating is a businessman from Syria Fuad-al-Zayad named «Fat Man». A Syrian businessman was very fond of going to the London Aspinall`s casino. Once, he took chips for $ 800 thousand and lost them in 15 minutes. Wanting revenge, Fat got as many chips that left even faster. In that terrible evening for the Syrians, he became poorer by $ 4 million. Fuad became a guest of the institution and left huge sums there with an enviable regularity. One day, «Fat Man» decided to change the gambling house and came to the casino Ritz (London), where he also turned away luck: for several years the Syrian «gave» the casino another $ 15 million. After another bet on the «red» for several million dollars, the English court decided to arrest his plane, and to freeze accounts. But even despite such tough actions on the part of the government, Fuad-al-Zayad did not change his traditions and continued to pour large sums in British casinos.

«Farce» loser Archie Caras

Our next hero is hard to describe as the main loser, but he is not a particularly lucky player either. Archie Karas from Greece came to Las Vegas in 1992 with $ 50 in his pocket, which in just six months he managed to turn into $ 17 million, and by 1995, his bank account was already $ 40 million. The Greek earned all the money playing in the game baccarat, billiards and bones. Then for half a year he lost about $ 20 million and decided that these games are already not for him fart. After changing the game, his fortune was estimated at $ 3 million, with which he returned home. But a month later Archie returned to Vegas and lost to the last cent.

The main loser among top managers

The most epic losers in the history of casinos

Omar Siddiq, who was the top manager in an American company, managed to slip $ 8 million in a casino one night. The most surprising thing is that he lost such a large sum, having an annual income of only $ 225,000. In just 10 years, Omar left in various the casino of the world more than $ 170 million Siddiq was engaged in a dubious business and through his firm illegally passed millions of kickbacks. It was these «black» finances that allowed the loodoman to lose six-figure amounts, and the casino owners were not interested in what money he played. The largest gambling houses in the country were fighting for Siddique, providing him with a personal plane and free rooms in expensive Vegas hotels, and also borrowed millions of dollars, taking only the receipts from Omar. As a result, the disease gambling ended in arrest for him: Siddiq was found guilty of a number of fraud points, as well as money laundering and sentenced to 140 years in prison with the payment of all compensation. The last example is just one of many stories, when the addiction to gambling ends for a person pitifully. Remember that everyone can be in Siddiq’s place, so never repeat the mistakes of our main characters.



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