How to exercise your body for playing poker?

The organism screams to us that it is necessary to change position or move a little, and in this he is right. Undivided poker player gets tired faster, therefore, it is more often exposed to tilt, which is unusual for professionals.

How to exercise your body for playing poker?

Today we will analyze a couple of exercises for the body and for the eyes, which will help any gambler regain his concentration, and make the blood run around the body.

With a constant stay at the computer most of all the person gets tired of the waist, neck and hands. Therefore, our first set of exercises will be devoted to these parts of the body:

  • As the first exercise, we must stand up, stretch our arms up and stretch ourselves properly. When you lower your hands, they return to their normal position. In total, you need to perform 5-10 repetitions.
  • Hands behind the head with the palms on the shoulders. Perform the slopes to the side. In this case, after each repetition it is necessary to increase the amplitude.
  • We stand straight, hands along the trunk. We try to get our shoulders to the ears. This exercise is performed at least 10 times.
  • We continue to stand, hands behind the back of the palms to each other. Carry the neck to the left and right. Crossed arms at the back will give us an extra stretch in this exercise. The number of repetitions varies from ten.
  • Slowly we pass to the warm-up of the brushes. We continue to stand, and hands have before us palms to each other and fingers upwards, as at a prayer. Begin to stretch the brush movements to the left and right, without changing the position of the elbows. After 10 repetitions, we change the position of the hands and continue to perform the exercise with our fingers down.
  • We sit down on a chair. Further, all exercises will be carried out from this position. One hand is directed forward, palm outward, and the other at this time stretches it, holding fingers. Approximately 20 seconds per brush will suffice.
  • The right hand is lifted up, the left one is quietly lowered. Uniform movement we change their places, that the left was on top, and right bottom. This exercise well kneads our shoulders.
  • Finally, a little loin. Sitting on a chair, we throw the left leg on the right and make a sipping movement with the trunk in the opposite direction. The result of this movement should be a pleasant crunch in the spine. After doing the exercise, we change our legs in places and stretch out to the other side.
  • We sit down on the edge of the chair. We rely on our hands and begin to bend the lower back as far forward as possible, and the head at this time is taken back. This exercise is the final in this complex, the total execution time of which is about 3-5 minutes.

How to exercise your body for playing poker?

In addition to the hands and lower back, another organ in the human body is constantly strained because of poker — these are the eyes. Do not forget about them, the more exercises for our eyes are too simple to not be performed:

  • Sit down straight and begin to tightly squint your eyes for 5-6 seconds. After that start blinking quickly for a minute.
  • This exercise is used to normalize the pressure in the eyeball.
  • Without changing the position of the head, we look to the left as much as possible, then a little higher and lower. The same is done with the right side. At least 5 times on each side.
  • We perform rotating movements of the eyes in one direction and in the other. The total number of repetitions should be more than ten.
  • After all this, we close our eyes again for a few seconds and continue quietly continuing our favorite poker rink. This complex of exercises takes only 2-3 minutes, but even in such a short warm-up time, our eyes will say thank you.

If you find every day for 5 minutes to perform these two complexes, then after a while the overall well-being will improve, and work capacity will increase. Many situations that used to lead to tilt will not be so important. It has long been proven that physical education positively affects «smart» activities, including poker. So why do not we start at least with a five-minute warm-up?

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