For newbies (FAQ)

How to Choose a Reliable Casino? What to Watch Out for?

First and foremost, take a look at the software. Choose a good casino based on the quality of the software, financing, and available bonuses. The vast majority of good websites can be checked online in corresponding community ratings.

How to Check Whether the Software is Licensed?

Open any slot machine page and click “view source code”. This will show you the server you are downloading games from.
Here is the list of original servers for 4 popular software vendors:

  • Novomatic —
  • NetEnt —
  • Nyx —
  • Microgaming —

Why Should I Avoid Gambling at Scripted Casinos like Vulcan?

The vast majority of games are fake and the owner can manipulate the payback. Do not make your first deposits before checking the software.

Should I Switch from One Licensed Casino to Another?

This is not necessary. Each good casino has its own downsides and merits.

What Is a Bonus?

Bonus is a privilege. A sum of money or an offering of free spins/games. They are used to reward new and old players. Before committing to using a bonus, read about the rules of the casino.

Which Casino Should I Gamble at?

Choose any casino from our rating. All of them are reliable casinos that have no problems paying.

Is There a Working Roulette Strategy?

There are some theoretical strategies, but all of them have a negative expected value. An infamous Martingale system does not work in the long run. There are no roulette strategies that can guarantee you regular winnings.

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