What are the most frequent mistakes people do over the poker table?

The worst mistake you can make is to have a wrong sort of reaction to your mistakes at the poker table. We’ll introduce you some of the most frequent reactions people show.

Possible reactions to your own mistakes at the poker table

All people are prone to doing mistakes, and poker is not an exclusion. This article is written for those who play poker in Internet or at home, but not in some casino or club. If you paly at home, most probably, it means that you know the players around you. We won’t be surprised that if someone made a mistake, it will be followed by a light joke, so it’s not a problem. In Internet it’s even easier – in most cases it means that no one will know about your mistake, and even if someone gets to know, your pals will not comment about it, because they don’t know you in real. You may choose another table if you want to forget about any awkward situation.

And vice versa, a poker club is a place full of unknown people. No one wants to make any sort of stupidity in front of the others, but it happens to you sooner or later. You should think in advance what to do in this situation. Let’s check a few real life examples about the possible reactions of gamblers at the poker table.

Feel of shame

In some cases it may happen that you have messed up the cards. Even the best poker players may be inattentive and mess something up in their cards, what to tell about the beginners. Some gamblers say that the feel of shame is so high, that it seems to them that the best decision in an awkward situation is to run as fast as possible and not to return back to that same poker table or even club.

Some players do it. We should admit that this is not the worst case of quitting an awkward situation, but definitely not the best as well.

This type of behavior is a frequent mistake of shy introvert people.

Blaming others

Most frequently it happens when you play real time in some physical casinos, however, some of the gamblers manage to do it even at the online table. The most frequent reason is over-excitement and inability to accept your own mistakes. In physical casinos some real physical obstacles, like uneven lines or wrong interpretation of your opponent’s behavior, or even lack of attention of the stuff may happen. You are protected of most of the risks when you play online, so take care to behave with respect to others.

Feel at ease with the game

According to us, the best behavior is to feel at ease with the game. Some gamblers make peculiar mistakes by placing the chips in a wrong area of the table, for example. The best you can do if you have already done some mistake is to follow the flow of the game. Maybe you will loose, but take it as a petty mistake, which made you learn the rules of the game better.

Whatever your line of behavior is at the moment, think that in a day or in a year no one will remember about the confuse, and there is a big chance that you will not meet your opponents in poker ever again in real life. Try to take everything as a fun experience and learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes.

If you haven’t done any mistakes so far, remember that sooner or later it will happen. What will you do then? Run away feeling angry and frustrated? Make a scene and blame others? Or laugh at yourself, learn your lesson, and start a new game?

Think about it in advance – being ready to any sort of fails is the best strategy.

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