Full Moon Romance
#TypeVideo Slot
#RTP (payout percentage)96.1%
#Number of drums5
#Number of lines15
#Bonus gameNo
#Symbol WildYes
#Symbol ScatterYes
#Number of coins per line1-10
#The cost of one coin0.01-100
#Max.win (coins)150 000
#Automatic gameYes

Full Moon Romance

So many intriguing concepts often just vanish in offices of developers. Thankfully, some of really neat ideas make it to the board and end up being great online slot games that we all can enjoy. Full Moon Romance is a great example of how many different design ideas mesh together to create a pleasing experience with many little details improving the quality by a large margin. Here, you are one of visitors of an open sky theater and you game on a huge screen in front of you. The main event of the evening is a cool romantic teenage comedy about werewolves. A girl and a boy are shapeshifters and they decided to go on a date together during the full moon. The chaos ensues.

While the setup does not look original with 5 drums and 3 rows, merging sectors make it much more exciting. Regularly appearing characters take up to 3 sectors on a single drum allowing for easier combo building process. Once the bonus feature is unlocked, normal teenagers turn into werewolves. They increase the payouts and make the overall rhythm of the gameplay much more defined and punchy. To our taste, characters are also better animated when they are in their mystical shapeshifting mode. All in all, it is a very good entertainment that will most certainly satisfy both veterans and newer players.

Casino with Full Moon Romance

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