Gambling Psychology or Gambler’s Psychology

Gamblers are always a separate community with their own interests, favorite heroes, and way of life itself. Gambling world has become native for them; they escaped into it, and only some weak links band them with real life. As a result, they stopped identifying where reality finishes and the game starts. That’s why, they are ready to take risk everywhere even in daily life.

It is a known fact that people, who prefer to enjoy themselves only in casinos, are called gamblers. What are there reasons in choosing gambling activities?

It is possible to get their a bit of adrenaline, for example, in extreme sports and mountaineering. The same effect is provided by night clubs and concerts, diving and many other ways of entertainment. They are completely legal in all countries and are not taken negatively by society.

Reasons for gambling

According to an authoritative opinion of many psychologists, aspiration forms in a very childhood. Newborn baby finds him- or herself in entirely new circumstances. He or she starts to investigate the world, using nearest information sources. These are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. It is possible to be burnt by hotplate – it is risky to touch it.

Gambling has the greatest resemblance with world acquaintance. These are not only gambling activities, but also the process of learning and getting experience.

In case, when such things are pleasant, risk is reasonable. It means the case is working and one can use it in his or her further life.

The gambler looks for adrenaline, tries to shake his or her nerves, abandon life routine for even some hours, and deepen into the world, where fairy-tale becomes real. Moreover, he or she gets the chance to gain unusual wealth, be lucky as no one and never. Millions dream to become millionaires is a minute, it’s the reason why people, for example, play the lottery.

Rational is prohibited

Not always lust of profit eclipses all other emotions. Curiosity, thirst of new impressions, an attempt to test the luck, to experience the fate or even to challenge it, are also reasons to risk. The gamblers often have superstitions of their own. Every game has particular signs.

It can’t have rational explanations. In what reasons, for example, an adult person whispers on the chips before making a bet in roulette? It’s just self-calm and an attempt to get support of the higher gambling forces. Even the most reasonable gamblers do it.

It often happens, that very calm and balanced people lose their ability to control their emotions. Casinos do everything to get such an effect. The thing is, that the interior is designed in such a way, that every person all the time can feel strong emotions. When it happens, our brains stop thinking, and process the received information. But in the same way it is impossible to blame casino designers and their scary and mean tricks.

The principle of the winnings discontinuity

Gambling psychology is based on the principle of winning discontinuity. The habit to gamble often vanishes if a gambler wins for some long time or loses for the same period of time.

The new reflex arises in the brain. Constant specific actions do not bring any reward. But if the gambler is encouraged to win time after time, the steady habit for play is preserved. Moreover, the habit in any way is based on the risk: even if one loses for a long time, he or she is sure to meet luck any moment.

It’s the main principle and psychology of gambling itself. As a rule, in most cases the gambler has good chances for winning. It’s about 40-50%, and regular rewards for his or her actions act regularly.

But the perfect time for it can’t be prophesied. It’s the reason, why it is so difficult to get rid of game addiction. The brain whispers, that reward in near, you shouldn’t refuse, you should wait a little. Couple of handouts, or several more bets.

If a man comes to the casino, it means he consciously trying to enjoy the game and if he or she did the next step and become gambler, depends only on his or her will and character.

But if in some moment the entertainment called gambling becomes the problem, one needs an immediate help.

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