Will I become game-addicted if I start playing in casino now?

There is a great number of studies related to gambling and its psychology. Most of the scientists and psychologists agree on the fact that the reasons for addiction on gambling are not linked with online casinos.

Some researches are in open access, and they give us a clear idea that a slight obsession with gambling online does not cause any serious problems. At the same time, these researches sometimes lack enough proof behind them, and are solely observations of some target groups. The influence of online casinos on gamblers is not fully studied yet. Along with this, one of the scientists from the university of South Cross (Australia) is convinced that the main source of game addiction is real traditional casinos.

The research showed that the gamblers who play online are prone to control their funds better. Besides, family members help to control it even better from their side, when offline game almost gives no opportunity to do it. All external factors in real physical casino were designed to increase clients’ desire to keep on gaming.

Such investigations are important, as they rehabilitate online gambling in some way, and help to ease the restrictions for online casinos in multiple countries.

In fact, it is not a problem, because only 1% of population is addicted to gambling. If to take the fact that many online casinos provide bonuses, which you can use for gambling without using any of your funds into account, it becomes clear that the risks during online gambling are very low.

Obsession with gambling (problem gambling) can start at any age and be manifested in different ways – starting from normal computer games and ending with casinos. Here is how to spot an obsessed person:

If some gambler has these symptoms, you should go to a doctor, and it doesn’t have to do anything with a casino. Probably, the person is among those 1%, who are obsessed.

  • Constant thoughts about the game – wherever a person is, he or she dreams to sit at the table and to start the game.
  • Too frequent visits to gambling clubs. There is nothing to worry at if a person attends casinos once in half a year or every month, but if it becomes a daily routine, this is a worrying signal.
  • A gamer makes high bets. When a person takes the game adequately while he or she is not yet psychologically obsessed, they won’t make a high bet, which they cannot afford to lose. Those people for whom roulette is only a way to relax and to entertain themselves, don’t make high bets as a rule, and don’t lose their mind if they lose money.
  • A wish to beat the game. This is the most vivid symptom of problem gambling. The more a human, who is in dependence on gambling, loses, the higher is his or her will to beat the game.
  • Losing of interest to reality. When a human is totally concentrated on the game, he or she loses interest to work and family – and this is already a serious stage of problem gambling.

Physiologists mark a few factors, which may promote obsession with gambling. Among them are the following:

  • Desire to escape the reality
  • Deep unsatisfaction with life and with themselves
  • Psychological traumas from childhood
  • Other types of psychological issues

Thus, you should understand that you won’t become addicted if you try gambling, but one of the hundred people on the planet might need a help of a psychologist. We are sure, it’s not you. But be attentive to your friends and family. Maybe they need your help?

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