How to hack an online casino?

The short answer – you can’t. To be more precise, you likely won’t have enough resources and knowledge to do it if you are googling this topic right now. There is no magical device or a genius secret application that will help you to discover an online casino hack and completely rob an enterprise against all odds. However, all people continue their futile searches of mysterious programs and inexistent specialists that will help them to (!) break the law and do it for free. This is not happening ever.  So instead of recommending you a bunch of ways to hack slots, we will introduce to you a series of arguments why you should never attempt to do so. Here is our short yet extensive list of reasons why staying away from unlawful methods of gambling is the only reasonable line of actions for any player.

Some interesting aspects of online slots

Since we established that hacking is nearly impossible, we must just understand why. There are several key aspects:

  • The main principle behind modern slots is that all possible outcomes and operations are generated and calculated in real time meaning that the app operates with millions operations at any given moment. This is not only impossible to affect externally, but also ensures that the moment you hit the “spin” button, the outcome is determined based on limitations set by the enterprise.
  • All modern entertainments are developed by competent devs and some of them switched from being security systems developers. The vast majority of modern app creators are experts in multiple domains including random number generation methods, data protection, and cyber protection in general.
  • All licensed and affiliated with independent inspectors casinos are regularly checked upon by experts who try their hardest to penetrate various layers of cyber defense. This means that companies are constantly being reminded that protecting their servers is an ongoing effort.

Myths about slots

Some of you readers will be disappointed to learn that there is no magical way to constantly be a winner. The world does not work this way. Such rumors about methods that will allow you to take a high ground over online gambling houses are usually spread by either completely incompetent internet trolls or people who are actively trying to lure in you in a scam. All those stories about sophisticated flawless strategies, free apps to win without fail, and secret codes that will enable some weird win streak. All those stories are not more than a huge prank.
There are even some fake sites that “sell” a cheap app that will make you a millionaire overnight by allowing you to strip any company off their cash. Do not believe such lies. A program purchased for $5 will never make you a rich person. The only person who will become richer is the guy who sold you the app.

Popular scams to avoid

There are several tricks and lies that are commonly used all over the internet. Do not believe fairytales like those below:

  • A betting system. Some people advertise their multilayered strategies of betting and using patterns of bets. These methods do not work and will only help you to avoid redundancy. Usually, these are harmless and pointless recommendations that will unlikely significantly shift the outcomes in the long run.
  • Analytics apps. You might have stumbled upon ads about special systems that will analyze patterns of slots and then allow you to make “informed” decisions about bet sizes and limits. Never use such apps. The only thing you will win is a bunch of viruses and keyloggers.

What if you are determined to hack?

The only somewhat reasonable way to do it is to hire a team of incredibly talented discreetly operating rogue coders who will try their hardest to create a breach in a system and allow you to win some money. The price of such an “Ocean Eleven” style assault will be nearly equal to your potential reward. If you are not an overly zealous super talented hacker on your won, just forget about the very idea of hacking online casinos.

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