How to win in a roulette game

Oh, the invitingly deceptive roulette that promises you riches beyond belief and often leave with nothing at all. People love this entertainment. It is a great way to relief stress and enjoy the thrills of testing your luck against pure chance. The amount of dopamine released by this amazing game is certainly unmatched by any other activity. Despite the completely chaotic and unpredictable nature of the entertainment, there are several roulette tips and tricks that are wildly popular on the internet.
Some methods are better than others and we will try to talk about some of the most interesting and commonly discussed techniques.

The martingale system

The notorious “double it up until you win” method that operates on the premise that the same result cannot repeat indefinitely. However, it can. One of the biggest issues with the method is that some people do not understand what the probability is. In a mind of a regular gambler, the method works perfectly fine. The system suggests you to start betting from $1. If you lose, you double the bet and make it “plus $1”. You continue doing it until the fortune favors you. The real problem is that gamblers think that it is impossible for the ball to stop on black for, let’s say, 10 times in a row. This just looks so improbable. However, the chance works the other way around. It is absolutely possible for the ball to stop on black for 100 and even 1000 times in a row. To top it all off, the expected value and the overall efficiency of the system are negative with bad outcomes multiplying quickly the longer you follow it. Even with a mere $1 initial bet, you will have to gamble over $1000 on your 9th attempt with total losses accumulating to $2047. Additionally, some of online casinos do not allow to make a bet higher a certain threshold making this system obsolete.

Using recording

This is an unlawful way to cheat in roulette. The idea is quite simple yet you will need to utilize a lot of technologically advanced techniques and gadgets. Usually, two people are required to pull it off. One comes in the lobby and uses a camera to record the pattern of the ball movement. The patterns are then analyzed by a special application and another person simply gives recommendations based on the velocity of the ball and possible end points.

Analyzing the dealer

Every single dealer has a unique style of rolling the ball. Understanding patterns and learning how the dealer starts the wheel can be very telling and allow you to get an upper hand. This is a very intricate method employed by some of the most experienced gamblers. You need to be very careful, attentive to details, and have a really sharp memory as well good senses.

Each table is unique

There are various defects and problems that often make results more consistent than it seems. For example, a slight angle of the wheel will most certainly affect the probabilities in the long run allowing a good player to identify anticipation biases. There is a whole technique devoted to observing, gathering data, analyzing it, and using it to your advantage later on. Note that most casinos will recalibrate the table every day thus ruining your carefully calculated systems.

Some obvious basics

Before your start using those amazing tactics and destroy hopes and dreams of owners of online gambling houses, we strongly recommend you to follow simple guidelines regarding roulettes and gambling in general.

  • Always pick companies that are licensed and affiliated with other industry governing bodies/companies;
  • Rely on enterprises featuring games from famous developers like Microgaming and RTG;
  • Before making big bets, try depositing and withdrawing small amounts of money;
  • Never go “all-in” on games of pure chance and leave yourself a backup option;
  • Use multiple bets instead of relying on one single guess;
  • Always choose either physical tables or live dealers.


Strategies that can be utilized to improve your overall chances to win in roulette exist. However, you should always be mindful of what you are doing. Watch, learn, and adapt. If you are a careful and not without some luck, you will soon learn how to win consistently.

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