How to win in online Casinos

As sad as it sounds, there are no 100% ways to constantly win. However, you can try to improve your chances and learn how to follow long term strategies to maximize the efficiency of gambling. In our short article we will try to cover several tips and tricks as well as reasons why you should try them.

Is It possible to win?

As in any other game of chance, acquiring a sweet victory is a result of randomness. Remember that all online betting systems are designed to benefit their owners. You are battling against the brightest minds in the software development industry and they try their hardest to weave unbreakable and highly reliable machines that operate based on pure chance. Obviously, any truly efficient method of persistent winning would have destroyed the whole industry long ago. Don’t worry, such methods simply do not exist in the observable universe.
Nonetheless, you have a fair chance to walk away with a hefty sum of prize money. You see, there is a payback ratio that means that all players cumulatively lose up to 3%-10% while over 90% goes back to them distributed amongst winners. It is a fair deal.

How to Walk Like a Winner

While there are no technically correct tactics that would allow you to win more than you should when being calm and collected, you can utilize several techniques to learn how to improve your chances to be a winner in the long run.

  • Determine certain thresholds of winnings and losses. Stop playing when you reach either of them. This will significantly reduce the influence of passionate yet unreasonable decisions.
  • Try to never bet more than 1% of your current balance at once and do not “dissolve” in gambling for hours. Play for 20-30 minutes and take a break. After you win, withdraw money.
  • Do not believe demos. They are often designed to convince you that you can easily walk away with a spare thousand of dollars in your pockets. However, the reality is much harsher.
  • Remember that many people lose due to following a narrative developed for you by the casino: you become addicted, fall victim to promotions, tournaments, raffles, and lotto, and then get hooked on additional dopamine. Avoid unnecessary stimulants and be mindful of what you are doing.
  • Never forget that you are dealing with pure chance and there is no skill involved in any independent entertainment. The only winning side is the service. However, by knowing the probabilities and being careful you will likely win more often than not.

A very simple way to understand how exactly chances are skewed in favor of the house is to know why “zero” is on the wheel of a roulette. There are 18 red and 18 black sectors meaning that players have a 50/50 chance to win when making a bet. However, there is also a “zero” symbol that means that everything goes to the house. This ensures that roughly 2.7% of bets in the long run will stay in-house regardless of the luck demonstrated by players. All slots are designed to return a certain amount of money back to players.
Also, slots are meticulously crafted apps that try to analyze your pattern and lure you in with smaller prizes to make you lose your guard and start increasing the wager recklessly.

Is it even real to win?

There is an ancient rule of the thumb that tells you to never play against the house and only against other players to increase your chances of winning based on your skills and observations. However, when playing online you cannot avoid battling the service. The only enemy to beat is a soulless computer program that will beat you without demonstrating any emotions. A business owner who makes a machine that loses him money does not exist. Massive jackpots are occasionally latched onto and winnings are common things in the industry, but they are not due to a meticulous planning.

Sneaky Strategies

The vast majority of devious tactics advertised online is absolutely useless. You have most certainly heard of flawless techniques of winning in roulette or books of secrets that will teach you how to become a gambling guru. However, all of them are just empty sets of words that will more likely drive you into a debt instead of making you a millionaire overnight. However, some little tips and tricks will help you.

  • Instant exit. In some casinos you can instantly refresh the page or just go back when you see that the bet is not going your way. Money will return back to your balance. The method works in live games and even in some slots. Just try it out.
  • Counting cards. If you are a mathematician deep inside and can brag about sharp memory, you will like this technique. Just learn how to memorize cards and track them down during your blackjack face-off against the dealer.
  • Outsmarting the machine. All slots are designed to lure you in with smaller wins. Use this to your advantage and back off right after a moderate prize. If you get roughly 30% of your current balance, just stop playing and switch to another game. Note that algorithms do learn and the trick won’t work for several times in a row.


Any casino is a business and it designed to benefit its owners. However, you can win and be victorious in the long run. Be careful, smart, and forget greed.

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