Italian legislation regarding gambling and casinos

Models for regulating gambling activities in Europe are considered to be quite smart at the moment, for they are on the best balance, protecting the interests of a gambler, a businessman, and the society as a whole. Italy shows wonderful results, which are worth to be followed. Today we will talk more about gambling regulations in Italy and some goals which have already been reached by a smart policy.

How did it start?

Italian legislation regarding gambling and casinos

First casinos in Italy started operating in the 17th century, the taxes were very low, and over centuries the number of gambling institutions in Italy has reached a very high number. The 20th century was full with historical events, the casinos were under strict ban after World War I, and returned back to Italy in the middle of the 20th century. In the 90th there was a large wave of inspections linked with the rumors and real scandals on schemes in casinos.
These inspections brought to the fact that government started thinking deeper about creation of strict transparent mechanism of controlling of gambling activities. The government initiated certain changes in legislation, and in a while an effective mechanism of controlling the gambling operators was introduced. There is no fixed tax for gambling activities in Italy – the authorities let the municipalities to define the percent of taxation themselves.

This led to the fact that gambling business started having a fixed control base checked by the time. Yes, it has its own positive and negative sides, but Italian model gives an opportunity to local authorities to manage cash flows, to fill the budget in, and to widen the market of vacancies in the region.
The whole system of control, built up by the state regulation authorities, is aimed to stop cash flowing out of the country. More than that, there are huge popular casinos on the border with Italy, which are strategically important, being a border for cash flowing out of the country in some way.

Online gambling in Italy

Italian legislation regarding gambling and casinos

The authorities have legalized online gambling, for it is highly perspective in the 21st century. The main reason is a great increase of taxes filling up state budget through online casinos in Italy.
Before you start gambling, you should also know that the law is very strict, and if someone is caught on illegal bets, he or she will have to pay a big fine followed by termination of gambling activities of the illegal site, because such fault leads to termination of license. Progressive roulette and slots are also banned in this country.

In general, the Italian model of controlling gambling activities is quite perspective, for it is at a perfect balance between protecting the gambler, the business, and the state. A short list of bans did not manage to spoil the whole picture.

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