Mobile online casinos. What is the future for them?

Specialists from Hamburg conducted their own research on the promotion of mobile commerce. As a result of the data received, they came to a clear conclusion that in the future, fans of experiencing adrenaline in virtual gambling houses will increasingly resort to modern tablets and smartphones.

Mobile online casinos. What is the future for them?
This news is unlikely to cause surprise, because now thanks to the latest gadgets, each player can satisfy his gambling hunger, visiting your favorite online casinos anytime and anywhere. For online casino owners, this growth in popularity of online applications is also beneficial, because the shortest way to get to the purse of the player is just through his mobile device.

Now the main part of all online casinos is in Europe. In the United States of America, as well as China, gambling is permitted only in certain territories. In this way, the government of these states is trying to protect their residents, subject to excitement, from their addictions, but in the near future everything can radically change

Prerequisites for the development of the gambling industry on the Internet

Despite the harsh conditions and restrictions, there are more and more online casinos coming on stage every day. According to statistics, for each year the number of new online gambling projects increases by almost 10%. Such popularization is promoted not only by modern mobile devices, but also by social networks, through which virtual gambling houses place tempting offers to play in all kinds of gambling.

Also in recent years, another specific direction has emerged that helps develop the gambling industry in the world wide web: Bitcoints is a special crypto currency that is banned in some countries (including Russia). Its prohibition is due to the fact that narcotic substances are sometimes sold through this crypto currency. However, players can pay for it with their gambling fun on the Internet.

Revenues from online casinos

The most popular and large virtual institutions are registered on the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. They bring their owners an annual income of hundreds of millions of dollars. In the US, virtual gambling is only allowed in a few states, but in the future, the scope of online casinos in the country are planning to expand. This is primarily due to the possibility of further fueling the treasury of the country with large amounts of taxes that will come from online casinos. Giants of the Internet gambling industry can bring to their staff a profit of one million in just one week’s work.

Sweepstakes in Latin America

Mobile online casinos. What is the future for them?

In South America, gambling is by and large outlawed, players are only allowed to forecast races. Especially popular betting on horse racing. Most of the money is spent on virtual sweepstakes Brazilians: in addition to betting on horse racing, they lose a lot of money during the World Cups. In Mexico and Argentina, gambling is not prohibited, but very strictly controlled by the authorities.

Online gambling services in Europe and Australia

Despite the fact that in most European countries any citizen can play casino without any obstacle, more and more people began to visit virtual institutions that are tied to Gibraltar. This is due to the fact that in Europe taxes are imposed not only on gambling houses, but also on the players themselves (especially in England). That’s why the Foggy Albion recorded the largest number of anonymous players.

The French do not benefit from opening a gambling business in their country. This is also due to the huge amount of taxes that will need to be paid to the state.

The largest number of gamblers live in Australia. The budget of this beautiful country is filled by one third thanks to the funds that come from gambling Internet establishments.





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