Online casino lies to clients? let’s find out the truth!

We all often hear about fair play and transparency as well good odds behind each push of the spin button. Multiple brands that try to offer gambling services online focus on promoting their websites as platforms for responsible and fairly profitable gambles. Games of chance should be inherently indifferent to interested sides. If two people throw a coin for indefinite period of time, they should be in equal positions in the long run just due to the limited randomness and 50/50 chances to get a specific outcome. This does not suit a casino. However, straight up lying is bad for business.
This is why modern companies offer transparency to its clients by publicly announcing how much exactly they keep for themselves in the long run. The vast majority of online gambling houses keep their return ratio above 93% meaning that their “commission” for providing you with the product is roughly 7% which is absolutely fair. However, the return mechanism is designed in a way that makes people wonder why they lose all their money instead of 7%. The thing is that the return is distributed amongst winning players after enough money has been collected. Some lose everything and some win big.
So it is established that transparency is crucial for any business that wants to operate in a just way. Showing the extent of transparency is also a cornerstone part of conducting good business. There is a whole network of affiliates and independent inspectors that keep an eye on online casinos.

What is fair play?

Recently, the industry came up with a relatively new technique of controlling gambling platforms. There are several sophisticated algorithms employed by independent inspectors that allow to check whether odds are really fair to everyone. By calculating long sequences of results, algorithms determine possible outcomes that can be achieved. These analysis is then compared to real outcomes. Obviously, you cannot use the algorithm to predict the outcome but it is a good way to ensuring that the outcome was not a scam.

How scammers steal your money

Despite modern systems from independent developers, there are small loop holes and dirty techniques that can be utilized to rip you off big time. For example, the random number generator can be adjusted slightly to have a small bias towards the house meaning that you will be at disadvantage and even inspectors will be quite okay with that since no rules have been broken.
This is how you have seemingly more chances to win while using bonus funds and free spins while betting real money often leads to less impressive results especially in the short term. Let’s take roulette as an example. In this game, the result is randomly picked from 37 possible outcomes, but the vast majority of bettors ignore the “zero” symbol of the wheel which has only 2.7% to be picked and does not award a win to anyone. The house needs to adjust only the occurrence of the scenario when “zero” is picked by a slight margin to dramatically shift the results on the larger scale.

Problems with Blackjack

This is a huge offender. In order to heavily affect possible outcomes and make sure that players lose more often than not, you only need to reduce the occurrence of 10s and aces. That’s it. This simple trick will dramatically lower the amount of winners on a specific span of time.
Theoretically, every single online casino can try to steal from you. The only real way to keep them in check is manually analyzing the results using statistics as a fundamental element of analysis. Identifying possible RNG biases and possible scammers is a tough task and that is why it should be a community effort. There are multiple companies and independent bloggers who try their hardest to ensure that the industry is clearer. Use their advice.

What do you get from a good company?

There are several key advantages and traits of an all-around fair gambling platform and you can see them clearly in the vast majority of cases.

  • The transparency of the process is promoted by the biggest names in the industry.
  • Winning occurrences proved by independent users and communities.
  • Dense reviews with a lot of positive noise on the internet about the brand.

The very question of fairness is rhetoric at best. Just remember that big businesses do not need to scam you since they make more than enough with their 7% share.


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