Online casino rituals and superstitions

Did you know that the dice were invented thousands of years back by the tribesmen, who were predicting the weather with them? Our civilization has developed far away from the way of life our ancient ancestors had. However, some rituals and superstitions believed by the gamblers still remind us that a human is powerless in front of nature and fortune.

Interesting fact

Did you know that the first sandwich was invented by John Montagu. He liked the combination of tastes of fried meat and bread. Thus, he has developed this construction, where he could hold his food in one hand, leaving his other hand free for gambling in casino.

Many gamblers trust their sixth sense to figure out ‘bad’ hours and days. Some superstitions amaze, but is it worth trusting them and do they really help to avoid mistakes?

Firs of all, let’s check the most popular beliefs:

  1. If you have a bad mood – it’s the rightest sign not to start a game

On the one side, the logical thinking behind it is clear. When one has a bad mood, everything goes wrong, there is no success, and every thing you start ends up with a fail. But can you really call it a superstition? Bad mood is formed by your physical, emotional state, and a number of external factors. On the one hand, it’s really better not to start if you had a bad day, and on the other hand, a mood can change for better in the same manner, so, we wouldn’t say that it’s not worth trying to gamble. We just ask you to be cautious and cold-minded.

  1. If you can’t load a game from the first time – get prepared to fail

This superstition is recent, and it has appeared in circles of online gamblers. The only thing we have to ask now is to check your Internet connection and your computer. Have you done it? Enjoy a brilliant game now!

  1. If you lose several times in a row – get ready to fail

We would argue with this superstition. According to statistics, even the experienced players often fail to win in casinos 20 hours in a row. For example, if you have decided to try slots, every 4th or 5th spin can bring you an essential reward, and the rest are going to be fails. What does it mean? First of all, it means that fails are inevitable, and on the other hand it means that if you’ve failed a few times in a row, your jackpot is close!

Among the other things, successful gamblers have shared other interesting information about their own superstitions.

Mysterious objects

Many gamblers have their own amulets, talismans, which bring them luck. Some of them do magic rituals; others carry their mystical objects with them.

Hard to say how it works, but if you truly believe that something brings you luck – make use of it!

Lucky numbers

Each gambler has his or her own lucky numbers. This ritual embraces everything – playing in lucky days (Friday 13th or 17th are considered to be the luckiest days), making amulets with these numbers, selecting certain tables and certain sits, betting on lucky numbers, betting with a lucky amount of dollars, etc.

Finding a lucky game

Many have figured out that the main thing is in finding a good game, which will thrill you most and bring you the most luck. For example, beginners usually choose blackjack, but professionals prefer picking poker.

Lucky suit

Just like a number or amulet, many people have their lucky suits or dresses, or even color of dresses. Doesn’t it remind you of passing exams at a university?

It’s a funny superstition, but we find it reasonable – dress so that you feel comfortable and confident, and enjoy the game!

Other incredible superstitions bringing luck:

  • Come to casino with a beautiful lady, who will be your partner, but won’t gamble
  • Put money in your pocket and forget about them – take life easy
  • Don’t borrow or lend money before the game
  • Newcomers are always lucky
  • Sit at the table where the most lucky player sat the same day
  • Select the most distant deck of cards
  • Take change – coins bring luck
  • Rub the chip against the suit – it brings luck

In fact, there are dozens of other superstitions. Select those, which bring luck to you and feel yourself a confident gambler!

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