Online Casinos Designed After Real Places

Online gambling is a very competitive environment where companies have to aggressively fight for attention. This is why everything matters. From design ideas to navigation maps, a good website will try everything to lure you in. The visual appeal and theme are both pivotal aspects of modern online casino design and define how well a website will fair in the competitive environment. Let’s talk about some of the most commonly used real world places that are often used as themes for various online casinos.

Las Vegas

Even in our relatively short review list an attentive reader will find a bunch of names that contain this city including Slots of Vegas and Vegas Palms. These are both websites that are rated relatively low for their poor design and overall below average service, but they often attract newcomers just by having a really loud memorable name that is firmly associated with one of the most famous citadels of gambling in the world. Sadly, these casinos are not looking even close to something that will blow your mind away with reproductions of real-world locations.

The city itself is a great commercialized settlement where every single company and institution is working for one good cause – entertainment. This is the loudest and brightest city in the world where neon lights are just as obnoxious as sand in some of Mongolian deserts. Unfortunately, not every website can utilize the theme to its fullest potential and turn it into something aesthetically appealing. However, despite many miserable attempts at making it work, many modern companies still choose this glorious city to be the main inspiration for their web design.

Online Casinos Designed After Real Places

Grand Crystal

Another name from our review list with a mere 6.5 rating to its name. It is by no means a terrible place but it does have its own issues with service, technology, and design. The latter is really sad mostly due to the fact that we did expect something spectacular from a website that decided to draw its design inspiration from a name that has been around for decades. The pair of words “Grand Crystal” is quite common not only in our industry, but for the gambling domain in general. There are multiple real places with this name and a couple of hotels with one of them being a relatively big 3-star hotel in Malaysia.

While this name does not really carry the same contextual weight as the name of the city where some of the biggest jackpots were claimed, this is still a really loud name that suggests to you that you are about to witness an eye-popping design and some great website architecture. Sadly, you only see a boring standard website with nothing interesting and no exclusive features or bonuses.

Online Casinos Designed After Real Places

Manhattan Slots

While we cannot really recommend this place to everyone, this is actually a nicely done online casino with clean design that is not overly crowded with visual elements and “stylish” dark color palette. Instead, it has an eye-catching visual appeal with many decorations looking like something that a good artist would draw and stylize. There is nothing truly captivating or similar to anything in actual Manhattan aside of some basic décor elements that you can see on small shops in the streets.

Visually, this is not the most interesting of places on our list, but you can certainly check it out for yourself. If you were interested in this brand due to its name, you will be thoroughly disappointed since there are no connections between the title of this site and one of the most recognizable urban areas in the world. However, we do like the visual design and it looks much better than in places that are actually based on real-world places.

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