Everything you need to know about online gambling in Australia

Is gambling legal in Australia?

Throughout the history of Australia there have been different situations for the legal status of gambling. It has been illegal to engage in gambling before 1970s, but the public prevailed and nowadays you can safely and legally gamble at casinos in Australia. With the rise of internet betting, Australia first tried to ban or at least regulate it severely, but it quickly became possible that even the strictest internet gambling laws in Australia were impossible to enforce properly.

Live casinos vs. Australia online gambling

People in Australia can enjoy playing poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and other games in luxurious live casinos in Sydney and Melbourne without any fear of being prosecuted. While regulated by the government, live gambling is legal if the casino has a valid gambling license in Australia.

Regarding online gambling laws in Australia, there were attempts to restrict gambling with both international gambling websites and Australian gambling companies, but so far they have been unsuccessful. So as for now, you are free to gamble on any website you want without the danger of being prosecuted or fined. All legal battles and restriction attempts are aimed at the casinos and websites themselves, which makes online gambling in Australia legal for players.

How popular is gambling in Australia?

If you want to obtain an online gambling license in Australia, open an Australian online gambling company, or just have a penchant for statistics, you might find it curious that an astonishing 70+ percent of Australians gambles. Every year the Australian government receives anywhere from 12 to 16 billion dollars in taxes from the gambling industry, making Australia gambling tax one of the most profitable taxes in the country.

Are financial transactions with casinos legal?

The government is not very satisfied with these transactions and it can be difficult to deposit and withdraw money from casinos directly, but there are plenty of ways to conduct financial transactions with casinos safely and legally. Some of the most popular ones include using prepaid debit cards, paying from checking banking accounts, or using systems like eChecks.

Do I have to pay taxes when I win or lose at Australian casinos?

This is the best part about gambling in Australia — as a gambler you don’t have to pay anything, casinos with a gambling license in Australia are obligated to pay taxes and that is considered to be enough by the government.

Can I bet in Australian dollars?

Australians make up a large portion of casino players in online gambling, so most websites include an Australian dollar option. In some cases you may be allowed to deposit money or withdraw your win in AUD, but the actual betting will be conducted in a different currency. This can make it a bit challenging to accurately keep track of money won and lost, so be careful not to get carried away.

Now that you have your answer to the question “Is poker legal in Australia?” along with other casino games, you can go to a casino or just your favorite gambling website and play away.

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