Most Popular Online Video Slots

The history of slots began from a very simple concept familiar to every gambling enthusiast – the classic slots in casinos. In the present, there are dozens of different versions of online slots, all of which you can play online without downloading the game. Understanding the variations of video slots and choosing the ones you enjoy most is an essential part of making the most of your gambling hobby and maximizing your chances to win some euro.

Multi-reel online casino slots

Each and every slot machine has a certain number of spinning elements called reels. Machines that feature three reels are most commonly found in real-life casinos, you can rarely stumble upon them online.The most popular new online slots feature 5 reels, you can also discover that these games usually provide the most variety, so every player can find something for himself: the 5-reel slotmachines feature catchy music and sounds, engaging animation and numerous themes, such as movies, popular TV series or board games. Players can often enjoy pleasant bonus features, including free spins, multipliers, additional screens and bonus rounds. One of the pleasant surprises of 5-reel slots is the great number of paylines – you can easily find ones with dozens and even hundreds of them.Seven-reel slots are for those who want to gamble without having to spend hours “learning the slot”. The rules of these machines are normally very straightforward: ten or less paylines, only four or five symbols on the reels, no bonuses or extra rounds. Slots that come with nine reels are the newest up-and-coming entertainment exclusive to online gambling, featuring a simple idea and tons of bonuses to shoot your odds of winning to the roof. Nine-reel slots look like three rows of three-reels slots stacked on top of each other and all spinning individually, creating vertical, horizontal and diagonal paylines.

Progressive video slots

If you are seriously set on devoting quite a bit of time to on line casinos for the chance to win big, you should definitely know your way around progressive slots. These machines will surely give you the thrill you want: every time someone plays the slot and it doesn’t pay out, the jackpot grows by a percentage from the bet. The best thing is that you can see the jackpot growing every second in a window on the slot. Before deciding to check out these slots it can be a good idea to look up graphs from each slot game developer that show how the jackpots on their machines grow over time and when they pay out. Once you have this valuable, information you can multiply your chances of hitting the jackpot. Gamble for free with online bonus slotsAnother way to up the chance of your hobby to finally pay off is to search for slots that offer the most bonuses. You are likely hunt down most bonus slots in the five-reel category - some slotmachines give players hundreds of free spins and additional rounds, each of which can become a golden ticket for the jackpot.Now that you are familiar with the vast variety of slots you can stumble upon on the internet, it’s time to select a slot below and have some fun gambling alone or with friends, some slots even give free rounds to new players!