Pedal Power
#TypeVideo Slot
#Number of drums5
#Number of lines15
#Bonus gameYes
#Symbol WildYes
#Symbol ScatterNo
#Symbol StackedNo
#Number of coins per line1-20
#The cost of one coin0.01-0.1
#Automatic gameYes

Pedal Power

Pedal Power will take you to a grant tour of bike racing where professional athletes compete in a battle of wits and endurance. If you are a big fan of sports in general and enjoy bike races like Tour de France, you will most certainly enjoy this slot set in a very compelling setting. Images of various sport inventory and biking attributes make visuals appealing and convincing while music and sound effects in general keep you invested in that punchy rhythmic gameplay. While Pedal Power is not something outstandingly great, it is a good experience for all gamblers experienced or not. The setting is not the only attraction that waits for you in this amazing game.

With its familiar layout showcasing 5 drums and 3 rows with up to 15 active lines, the gameplay will not bring to you an experience that changes your perception of the industry, but the amount of fun and generous rewards will most likely leave your satisfied. The largest prize in this game is 1500 coins which is a very good amount given the fact that you can carefully control your risks by adjusting the cost of each coin and manipulating how many lines you want to keep active. The game showcases a very rich variety of features like additional bonus spins and special multipliers.

Casino with Pedal Power

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