How to change the percent of payouts? Types of online casinos

Many gamers are interested with the fact of changing the percent of payouts of a slot. For example, gamblers want to know if the percent of payouts changes when the bets are higher, or if you keep on playing?

As a rule, the percent of payouts is set by software developers, and cannot be altered by any external person. In real physical casinos, the owner has rights to change the percent of payouts, but only according to the legislation. Usually such changes are minor and do not exceed a value of several percent. However, some owners of casinos try to fool the system, and change the percent by themselves, violating the law. Such casinos are easy to be spotted – it is next to impossible to win in them! If you always lose, it means that the machine does not work correctly. The rightest solution is to leave the casino and not to come again.

What about gambling online?

Here, everything is much better (in case you chose a reliable place). Serious casinos are often checked by independent companies, and any sort of schemes are next to impossible to launch, because a such website will be immediately closed, having obtained a stamp of an unreliable one.

Check our other articles on how to spot a reliable online casino, where schemes or changing the percent of payouts is impossible, and be sure that your game is safe!

Types of online casinos. How to get money for entering them

‘I want to get money for visiting a casino’ – such requests are so often that we must pay your attention to the issue. You can find such discussions on forums or hear something from real gamblers. Those who ask such questions are interested in legal and real ways of obtaining money, and in this article we will explain you how to get money for playing in online casino and how to start gambling with real money in them.

How to get money for entering a casino

Of course, you won’t be able to get money for just entering a real casino, but this is very possible online. Having registered there, you can get real money in it for your game. It is not valid for all online casinos, but you can find dozens of those, which propose money for the first entry.

After having found a nice casino with an entry fee, a gambler starts questioning him or herself – what is the optimal size of stakes for winning? Surely, there is no answer to this question, otherwise the very existence of online casinos would be under a great question. However, there are several advices, which can increase your chances for win, and we will tell about them in this article.

There are two types of online casinos – those with high and low bets

Online casinos for gambling at low bets

It is important to realize that you shouldn’t take a casino as a means of earning money. First of all, gambling process does not depend on you and can be only controlled by fortune. Thus, you cannot rely on some stable income. Secondly, most probably, you will lose a big sum of money if you opt to play a long game.

Hence, you need to study a casino you are going to play at in order to figure out the size of bets you are going to have. It is important to realize how loyal is casino to its players and to paying them, you should study the reviews on forums, ask support teams’ advices, etc.

It is important to do it in order to realize if there is any sense in playing there. For example, if a casino has a limit of payouts of 10000 a month, what’s the use of playing in it betting $5? In case of a large win, or will be hard to withdraw it, and the process may take up to several months.

In such casinos you should play on bets of $1-$3. Having such bets, you are not likely you win a sum, which will exceed the monthly limit, thus, withdrawing will be easy.

Online casinos for playing with big bets

Of course when it is about big money, it is important to do it being fully serious. We recommend you to select foreign reliable online casinos, where you can bet $5-$10 per spin or more. Gamblers believe that small online casinos do not have high revenues due to the lack of money. It is logical – they do not have enough players, and the revenues are small, thus, the limits of money they have are short.

If you value your money, we advise you to study the financial reports of the selected casinos. You can find them in the open access, and we strongly recommend you to select one of those, whose reputation is next to flawless. Thus, you will feel completely safe, feeling surprised how easy cashout process is. Big reliable casinos give payouts worth hundreds of millions of dollars per month, and no one is going to risk their reputation having a problem with your couple of of thousands dollars.

Whatever you choose, you should remember to play according to the funds you can afford. Do not make great bets and do not borrow for the game. If you manage your funds wisely, you will enjoy the process and get a decent addition to your salary.

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