Which Online Casino is Best? Rating casino USA.

In order to tell you how to find an honest online casino, we can not from the very beginning of the article not be completely honest with you, and therefore we declare: all casinos are created with one goal — to make you lose. And if so, then before starting your search, you should clearly understand for yourself that you are not looking for a casino that will provide you with 100: a win, but where the probability of your loss will be only 20-30%. And this is often enough to win.

Well, in order to find an honest online casino, you must act and think like a real detective or detective, or at least strictly observe the 10 gold rules that will help you not make a mistake.

  1. Searches start with visiting the site of the Internet casino. Remember that the harder the site, the more games in it, and the more it fits your idea of ​​what an ideal online casino should be, the more likely it is not a one-day site created by scammers with only one purpose — to rob you at the slightest opportunity.
  2. Learn all about the domain. To do this, check the address of the Internet casino website through any service that responds to the «Site Analysis» request, which will allow you to learn the most important thing — how long does this online casino exist, remembering that age is one of the best recommendations.
  3. Being on the site, be sure to find out how many countries are broadcasting their game this online casino. Remember that the overwhelming number of EU countries for the activities of such sites are monitored by a special commission, ready to punish anyone who is suspected of fraud. Therefore, if the casino works only for players in Eastern Europe, or even at all — the «third world», then it is better not to contact with it.
  4. Just be sure to try to check the attendance of the site, knowing that the more it will be, the better the reputation of the casino, since no one will play with the deceivers.
  5. Pay attention to the reviews. But be very careful with them, trusting only reviews on forums that do not contain a link to the casino. Remember that 80% of praise for online casinos can be paid advertising, or an attempt by not particularly conscientious bloggers to turn you into referrals of your affiliate program.