Red lady
#TypeVideo Slot
#RTP (payout percentage)95.1%
#Number of drums5
#Number of lines10
#Bonus gameNo
#Symbol WildYes
#Symbol ScatterYes
#Symbol StackedNo
#Number of coins per line1
#The cost of one coin1-1000
#Automatic gameYes

Red lady

Red lady is a slot with a hot pirate princess as its main heroine. She is on her quest to find the treasure somewhere in the ocean. With her amazing looks and strictness, she is a perfect pirate to get a chest full of golden coins. Visually, this game is not a state-of-the-art feature and lacks in the special effect department as well as demonstrating severe lack of good animations. Sound effects also feel outdated compared to better newer games. However, the game still packs a lot of fun and allows you experience all features of a very good slot game. There are other merits but sticking to the core gameplay is the most important one.

As mentioned previously, the game definitely looks dated, but the core mechanics are intact and as entertaining as in any other more popular title in the industry. The whole game has that charm of an old school slot machine that you would expect to see in a casino hall. The interface is quite simple and allows you to control you risks by adjusting the bet size accordingly to your main strategy. If you feel like risking some money in hopes to catch a hefty reward, be informed that the biggest possible prize in this game is 5 thousand coins. If you like good fair slot games, you will surely enjoy your time being with the Red lady!

Casino with Red lady

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