What rules of etiquette one should remember when playing online poker?

What makes you successful in poker

A great part of beginners thinks that success in this game depends on the skills of the one who plays, and it is reasonable: one cannot argue with it, and this fact was proven dozens of times. But it would have been a mistake to think that great victories are only about specific skills and mastership of a gambler. According to the opinion of numerous experienced gamblers, the skills of following the rules of etiquette are as important as strategy skills for the game. And this is true!

Following the rules of etiquette not only maintains a positive atmosphere at the poker table, but also is an important winning factor. So how should one behave while playing poker?

Today, when poker wins more and more authority in the Internet, it would seem that obeying regular rules of poker etiquette is no more obligatory, and this is a serious mistake!

Following these norms when playing online is as important as during a real life game.

What do the rules of etiquette allow for online poker?

  • First of all, when you take your place at your online poker table, do not forget to greet your colleagues. Use chat for these purposes. Short and friendly greeting is able to build up a good tone during the game, and this is a half-way to winning.
  • While being at the poker table, the conversation should not be limited with greetings and goodbyes, but it must cover a more diverse communication. Thus, talking to your partner, take care to keep a friendly atmosphere. It will help to build a good attitude of your opponents, and – who knows – it may improve your chances to win!
  • If the chat becomes a burden to you, you may leave it without explaining any reasons. Poker etiquette affords it. However, it’d still be nice to say goodbye before leaving it.
  • Poker player should be punctual. If some action at the poker table is required from you within a certain timeframe, be kind to do it on time. Being punctual will add more significance to your image of a player.

A few things you shouldn’t do:

  • One of the most important rules of etiquette for poker tells that you should not criticise your opponents. First of all, it is not polite and shows your disrespect for your partners, but it can also reveal a level of your mastership, and you cannot afford this to happen. Any critics can add more scores to your opponents, who will try their best to win the match.
  • The previous rule means that you should not be too much talkative in chat. Your replies must be short and asked-for.
  • When you write something in chat, do not use bold or capital letters. It’s not only impolite; it can tell your opponent about your emotional state, and it’s not too nice to make them know of your emotions; it may play a bad joke with you!
  • Your negative emotions may also transform in rudeness towards others; don’t let this happen! Rudeness and using bad words are strictly prohibited in online poker.
  • Do not demonstrate your love for money. It may ruin your image and make you seem greedy.
  • Do not procrastinate on purpose. The game must develop in its normal flow, and procrastination may be treated as disrespect towards others

Following these rules cannot guarantee you wins in poker, but poker etiquette definitely builds up a pleasant experience during the game. Follow them, and become one of the desired opponents at the online poker table.

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