How to set an optimal speed for gambling?

Many lovers of gambling, before they disrupt their long-awaited cash in the casino, spend an incredible amount of time on mathematical calculations, someone even manages to derive a «formula for success.

» But to be a «virtuoso» of exact sciences is not enough, because in a casino during a game success can depend not only on formulas, calculations and luck. There is such a thing as the «pace of the game.» Let’s see what it is and how it can affect the final point in the game.

How to set an optimal speed for gambling?

Each gambling house strives to profit from lost visitors and this is a common truth, which everyone must remember who crosses the threshold of the casino. One of the tricks to get the desired result is to increase the pace of the game. Ways are very different: from the introduction of new rules, to the training of employees. For example, gambling houses like to use shuffle machines that mix cards much faster than the dealer, increasing in such a simple way the pace of any card game. And during the game on the roulette the dealer demonstrates the first-class skills of quick billing and launching a ball with the right number of spins.

This approach to the casino game process is explained by increased comfort for customers, but… In fact, the accelerated pace of the game gives the gambling establishment a mathematical advantage. The visitor at such «comfort» loses vigilance, makes mistakes, it is more difficult for him to evaluate the strategy of the game and to count the cards. The result is empty client wallets.

How do dealers work?

Pay attention to how the croupier behaves when distributing cards in the Black Jack: he does all the actions without a single hitch, he determines the pace of the game. The croupier does not make decisions, but only fulfills the client’s wishes and does it professionally quickly. In poker, you can also observe a provocative acceleration of the game from the croupier, who is unobtrusively interested in the further actions of the client, offers various options. If the player gives in to the provocation of the dealer, then the game starts to fold much faster. In roulette, it would seem, the pace of the game should not be high: it is necessary to wait for the ball to fall, after the dealer collects the losing stakes, calculates. But also in this game the dealer sets the pace: not much throwing a ball, quickly closes the bets and generally the entire gambling process brings to automatism.

The examples described above directly concerned the work of the dealer, but what about the slot machines? Modern slot machines do not use coins — they were replaced by bills, which on the one hand simplified the game, on the other — increased its pace. There are players who can hourly over a thousand starts. At the same time, few people remember that in slot machines the advantage of a gambling establishment is already laid in the computer. A similar situation develops in the gambling houses of the new millennium — virtual casinos. Here, high speed games are imposed on customers, which can be played in an instant.

If you still want to remain the master of the situation and control the course of events, then we advise you not to be led by provocations of the croupier, but to try to reduce the speed of the game.

How to slow the game down?

How to set an optimal speed for gambling?

You will ask, how can you lower the tempo? In fact, in this matter, you do not need to have seven spades in your forehead, it’s enough to remember the unspoken rules. For example, avoid tables with shuffle machines, sit at the table where the dealer shuffles cards by hand. Try to tighten the issue after the decision of the croupier with the decision, pretend that you are considering it. Ask questions to the dealer, even if you know the answers to them.

If you decide to play Black Jack, then sit at the table where the game is already playing — this will allow you to analyze the game and count the cards. If possible, play where one deck of cards is involved. The main thing is to lower the rate moderately, otherwise you will be mistaken for the card counter. Poker is not a high-speed game, so you can think about your moves for a long time and be sure that no one will dare to take away cards for a long decision-making.

As for the roulette, it’s not so simple. You can not require the dealer to make the launch of the ball long, nor can you ask him to wait with his back. If you want to run the game in roulette you, not the croupier, then you will have to learn the game by sectors and bet as quickly as possible, in this case the dealer himself will be forced to lower the tempo.

In gaming machines the whole process depends on you only, so try not to get carried away. But if this is your most favorite pastime in a casino, then try not to sit too long. Control the game you will help breaks and frequent withdrawal of money from the machine.

No hurry. And good luck!

How to set an optimal speed for gambling?

There are cases when the increase in the pace of the game is justified, but this applies to those players who in their professionalism in many ways surpass the croupier. In this situation, the situation is exactly the opposite: the player himself rushes the dealer and he starts making mistakes. Perhaps, this method will seem dishonest in relation to the inexperienced dealer, but this approach is used by many professionals who intentionally confuse unsure dealers.

Often in gambling establishments there are customers who either spend time if fortune is not on their side or speed up the game if luck smiles at them. Whether it is possible to do so is hard to say. But most professionals still rely on mathematical components, and not on luck. Be that as it may, all the decisions that the client takes during the game must be considered and weighed. Remember that gambling does not tolerate fuss. Good luck.

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