The tale of how slot machine cherry and other fruit symbols came around

While there are millions of different slots featuring millions of different slot machine symbols out there in our time, the good old slot fruit machine remains the most popular slot in both online and offline world.

Chewing gum to the rescue of slot lovers in Bell fruit slot machine

One of the first slot machines ever was the Liberty Bell slot created by Charles Fey. It featured playing card symbols and a liberty bell instead of modern fruit machine reels. The first casino fruit machines appeared in the early 1900’s to get around anti-gambling laws in America. Back then you would get your win in the form gum instead of money, and the flavor of gum correlated with the slot machine symbol that showed up. These old fruit machines were even called “gum dispensers” at first, labeled that way by bell fruit gum company. Eventually, as gambling laws started gradually go away, slot machine fruit gum was replaced by real money, with jackpots getting larger by year.

The place of vintage fruit machines at the dawn of the electronic age

From 1960s to 1980s fruit machines became larger and more technologically advanced, with one of the most famous machines from that time, Big Bertha, needing an engine with 5 horse powers to work. Once simple pub machines, they were now equipped with modern microprocessors, making cheating less possible, and chairs, making them more convenient for players, who could now sit the entire day in front of a cherry slot machine spending money and hoping to win. Classic fruit machines started spreading from America to other continents, finding the warmest reception in Great Britain — you can still see dozens of bandit machines in bars, and some people even have second hand fruit machines in their homes.

Final transfer of the iconic slot machine bar symbol to the internet

Casinos were always on top of new technology, so the first electronic slot machine was built in 1975, and it featured the same old fruit slot machine symbols, meaning that the time of fruit slots still hasn’t passed. In 2000’s most video slots were results of simple conversion of live machines, so you would just watch an image of an actual fruit machine when you played. Today, even with a huge variety of slots featuring TV show and movie characters and 3D technologies, classic fruit slots remain popular as ever, with every gambler knowing the answer to the question “What does three cherries mean?”.

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