Social casino – a new opportunity to win

Social games appeared about 10 years ago and every year they become more and more popular. The push for their promotion was given by the social network Facebook, where interesting start-ups appeared for the first time, and any user could play social games like casino absolutely free. Very soon companies involved in creation of such gaming applications, managed to attract a multi-million audience of customers in the network in the shortest time.

What do we call social casinos: gambling, or simple entertainment?

In social casinos all games are as close to traditional gambling as possible: you can play poker, roulette, turn slots, have your bets, which you can both win and lose. But! Even if a client manages to win a certain amount of chips, he can never change them for real money. So it’s impossible to become a bankrupt after a regular visit to a social casino. This factor attracts a multi-million audienceof gamers, because even in countries where gambling is banned, a large number of population is happy to play social games. Such people cannot be called gamblers, they are rather gamers.

What’s the difference?

It becomes clear that there are certain features, which make social games be alike gambling ones, as well as distinctive features. Let’s make it all clear.

Similar features:

  1. Based on the same principle (everywhere there is a winner and a loser).
  2. Bright interface, the opportunity to participate in tournaments and other similar events.
  3. There are mobile versions.
  4. Addictive.

Contrast features:

  1. The goal of clients of social casinos is to have a rest and to entertain themselves, while the goal of visitors to standard casinos is to win money.
  2. There is no opportunity to «cash out» the winnings.
  3. Age. Any online casino clearly tracks the age of its players and one can’t play in any of these establishments before reaching 18 years of age. In social casinos the doors are open to everyone and such restrictions do not exist at all.

Internet casinos are banned in many countries, while social games are legal around the world.

So how do social casinos make money?

Despite the fact that social games are free entertainment, there also exists a lot of ways to make players spend real money. If you have lost their daily norm of chips, but have not been satisfied with the process? No problem! For a certain price you can always buy some additional chips and return to the game. Moreover sometimes you need to make a certain contribution with real money in order to participate in the tournament, some upgrades and new properties are also purchased for cash. In addition, a significant part of the income is received for advertising banners posted on the sites of various companies.

But after all, any such free game will sooner or later make players bored. In this case developers have the main question: how to keep regular customers attracted? The answer is simple. Updated interface, new levels, unique abilities — that’s what serves as an anchor for regular players, and this is what much of the total revenue spent on. Constant updating of the games like social casino is the main key to staying afloat.

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