Tale of Krakow
#TypeVideo Slot
#RTP (payout percentage)93.3%
#Number of drums5
#Number of lines30
#Bonus gameNo
#Symbol WildYes
#Symbol ScatterYes
#Symbol StackedNo
#Number of coins per line1-4
#The cost of one coin0.01-0.5
#Automatic gameYes

Tale of Krakow

Tale of Krakow opens a gateway to one of the darkest cities of Europe. Darkest in terms of legends about that is. You will be emerged into the world of vampires, devils, and other mystical creatures who rule the city at nights. Your adventure will be full of dangers and very strange events, but you will undoubtedly enjoy every single bit of it. Visually this game looks attractive and has that very thrilling charm while staying quite light in terms of tone. Special effects and animations are not the state-of-the-art but made competently and will more than suffice for a regular dated slot game. However, design is not what makes slot games great.

The screen will look familiar to any player with even the shortest history of gambling. You will be playing on a field with 5 drums and 3 rows. Keep active up to 30 lines simultaneously and adjust the wager by using interface elements in the bottom of the screen. The game can casually reward you with an outstanding prize of 7.5 thousand coins, but the main prize is much bigger. An impressive sum of 90 thousand coins waits for those who are willing to risk in order to get a big payback. All in all, Tale of Krakow is a nice little slot game with a very big potential reward!

Casino with Tale of Krakow

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