The Lucky 7. Why Do We Consider Certain Numbers Lucky?

The magic of numbers is exactly what drives us crazy and makes us spend more in online casinos. While the probability of becoming richer is unlikely tied directly to the numbers that we are giving magic properties to, there are some numbers that we just love to imagine emanating some sorcery. Some of them a called magical and lucky by the science itself and some of them just carried their legacy through legends and fairytales. Let’s talk about some of the superstitions that still influence our judgement of luck and probabilities.

The Real Luck

The Lucky 7. Why Do We Consider Certain Numbers Lucky?It is impossible to start from anything rather than a glorious “7” that has been a strange truly magical digit for the whole history of humanity. We all know a bunch of references to the seven. From the culturally impactful “Seven Samurais” and later “The Magnificent Seven” to a bunch of other less known references in popular culture. However, there is a scientific explanation to the nature of this number and how it makes us feel curious about it.

Firstly, it is a natural number that can be generated by a specific type of a sieve which is a method of filtering numbers based on a special condition. 7 is just like many other similar digits is a prime one meaning that it can be divided by itself and 1 only. This is not something unique to the seven. The same description could easily fit “3” and “13”. The latter is also a very interesting number that has been put in an opposite to 7 position. We usually think that 13 is a something evil and some call it the devil’s dozen. However, there is also an interesting explanation to why we consider 13 an unlucky number.

The Wise Men of Egypt

The Lucky 7. Why Do We Consider Certain Numbers Lucky?The ancient history often carries a lot of surprising information and when it comes to numbers we can all learn something new from reading history books. If you were to look back 4 thousand years ago, you could actually find out that ancient inhabitants of Egypt were quite interested in the number 12. This is not a trivial interest. 12 was a mythical and mystical amount of underground realms where dead found their last resort. We also made 12 a huge part of many other metrics. It is the exact amount of pennies is a shilling or months in a year.

The ancient wisemen were fascinated with this exact number and there are several mathematical explanations why. There are many things in nature that are tied to 12 or other even numbers. However, twelve was easier to use as a measurement of many things and it was something that could be counted with all fingers and two hands. Everything that was larger was nearly incomprehensible for simple mathematics at that time. Naturally, the next number became evil and weird.

The Modern Usage of Numeric Luck

Casinos do know that people are generally superstitious and will gravitate towards places that support their superstitions more likely. This is why we started to see so many sevens in traditional designs of various games and even modern online casinos. The triple 7 became a recognizable symbol of online gambling. We also learned that this is exactly what will make us happy due to how often the lucky 7 is used as the main symbol in slot machines.

The Lucky 7. Why Do We Consider Certain Numbers Lucky?






Do You Have a Lucky Number?

There is a chance that all your superstitions and beliefs are actually quite weighty and have something behind them. If you are interested in which combination of digits will bring you good fortune, try out this generator that will calculate your special number based on the date of your birth and some other factors. While you should not go all in on such suggestions, you may try using these lucky numbers as bases for making bets in games with equal chances just to make each session a bit more entertaining and fun.

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