The Math Behind a Miracle: What Are Your Chances to Win a Jackpot?

Some of the craziest wins in the history are also very rare occasions. In online casinos winning a jackpot is something that can change your life overnight. From dirt to royal in a glance of an eye – this happens from time and time and millions of people are testing their luck in hopes of getting that sweet huge prize. While landing on the desired combination of symbols is a matter of pure luck, some math geniuses spend hours to calculate probabilities. We want to make one step further and give you a comparison of how rare becoming the happiest person in an online casino actually is. We will compare your chances to become a Powerball winner to some of the rarest occurrences on Earth. Let’s start comparing!

The Math Behind a Miracle: What Are Your Chances to Win a Jackpot?

The American Way

Just a couple of months ago news made a huge deal out of the odds of topping the powerball raffle being close to an astronomical 1 out 170 million. This was something really hard to imagine and we compared it to many extremely unlikely events that would happen earlier than someone claimed the main prize. For example, dying to a freaking vending machine standing at your local gas station is less than 1 out of 110 million. Another interesting example: the probability of dying to a small flying stingy insect is less than 1 out of 25 million. Even lightning would strike you more often than you would change your life with money from the raffle organizers.

However, the latest development is that the organizers decided to add some numbers making the true odds of hitting the right combination even more astronomical. Now, only 1 out 290 million tickets will have the combination required to make one happy American a billionaire.

  • A child dying to a balloon is 10 times more likely.
  • Harming yourself with a drinking straw is 3000 times more likely.
  • Getting yourself a shiny Oscar (you need to try at least) is 30000 times more likely.

Think about it. Starting an acting career, making it to the top of Hollywood, and making a movie with a performance worth of the admiration from the Academy is actually a more solid plan for anyone than to hope to make a fortune by obtaining the Powerball main prize.

The Math Behind a Miracle: What Are Your Chances to Win a Jackpot?

The UK Miracle

While Americans love to hunt for those big mind-boggling cool prizes, many Brits are also quite keen on testing their luck. The UK National is a huge raffle with millions at stake and numerous citizens of the Empire are purchasing tickets in hopes of getting at least something. The returns are miserable for the majority, but the main prize keeps growing and reached a really big size. The main prize is 5 million pounds and taking it with 6 numbers guessed right is a big task. The feasibility of making the history is 1 in 14 million. What is more likely than that?

  • Finding a huge pearl in an oyster is 1.1 thousand times more likely and will reward you nicely for your efforts.
  • If you want to play basketball, just start training. You will have 3 times more shots at getting drafted by a TOP NBA team than getting that UK miracle.
  • Becoming the President of the United States of America is actually just as likely. You can be the leader of one of the most influential countries of the world with the odds being 1 in 10 million.

The Math Behind a Miracle: What Are Your Chances to Win a Jackpot?

In an Online Casino

The vast majority of modern digital slot games are designed based on specific math formulas. However, the weighted normalized machine will have 64 virtual stops on each drum. The rarest symbol will be 1 in 64. With 3 drums, the prospect is 1 in 262,144. With 5 drums it is close to 1 in a billion. However, with 5 drums the amount of possible victorious combinations is usually higher and the actual reality may go down to 1 in 100 million. This is still quite a high number. Let’s find out what is more likely.

  • Pulling 4 aces of a deck in a single attempt is 30 thousand times more likely.
  • Bing fatally struck by lightning is actually 5 times more likely.
  • On the bright side, having your house destroyed by a meteor is actually 182 million times less likely.

The Math Behind a Miracle: What Are Your Chances to Win a Jackpot?


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