Top 5 reasons why you should ce using bitcoins in online casinos

Seriously, your chances of being entertained in any given online casino are reduced if you are using traditional fiat money instead of more advanced BTCs. Let’s talk TOP 5 reasons why they are better than your dollars and euros. Our reasons in no particular order below!

#1. No Delays

With a small “but”: not always. There are some websites that take commissions and may delay payments slightly, but the vast majority of services are much better at handling these issues. At the same time, you need to remember that your commission will be much lower compared to up to 5% for using debit/credit cards or bank wires.
BTC and transactions with them are usually processed in a timely manner and allow you to receive your money quickly. Without excessive additional fees and setbacks, you will be able to experience the fullest extent of gambling while not even thinking about problems related to your finances.

#2. No UIGEA Jurisdiction

This law was introduced in 2006. It prohibits various providers to use American dollars and accept transactions from American banks and other financial institutions. Even if you are living in a state that considers gambling absolutely legal, you won’t be able to use your precious Franklins to wager. Note that this law does not affect operations in BTCs allowing you to freely engage in games of chance without caring about legal aspects of the process.
Bitcoin is a sovereign currency that has no roots and no centralization. You can use in in every way you want. Simpler regulations became an impactful factor determining the prevalence of particular currencies in the industry. Since providers do not want to deal with a lot of legal hassles, they often prefer using a less regulated option.

#3. It Is Better for Businesses

All enterprises start to realize that integrating ways of banking with BTCs is a really good idea as you don’t have to invest in various administrative costs like fees to banks and payment systems. This makes Bitcoin the most interesting and attractive option for the whole industry and many entrepreneurs are getting on board. Many companies manage to save a lot of resources and use it to improve their service and give more free stuff to their loyal clientele. Some brands decrease their share by 2-3% just due to the fact that they save on using BTCs.

#4. Instant Payments

Many experienced users know that you may wait for weeks before you can get your withdrawal. In some cases, waiting may be prolonged to a month. These problems are often related to security and inherent slowness of banks. Don’t worry about these pesky delays when dealing with BTCs. You will receive your withdrawals within 24 hours after you request one.

#5. Fairness with Proof

Regular cash can be problematic when it comes to using online services. However, bitcoins are protected by several encryption algorithms and all operations are set in stone meaning that you will never be scammed. There are different ways to protect your payments and force enterprises to take their obligations seriously. If you consider safety of usage and protection from fraudulent actions a high priority, you will always opt for BTCs which are the most protected things in the entire universe.


There are many more benefits to using cryptocurrencies. If you like the idea of substituting your beloved USDs with BTCs in order to play poker or slots, do it. You can purchase a couple of coins for yourself and learn how easy it is to use them. They can be divided in 100 million satoshi which are the smallest bits of the currency. So don’t worry about the price. You don’t have to spend thousands to get started.


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