TOP 5 Slot Games about Outer Space

Oh, we love some Cosmic action and enjoy really nice cool adventures in the darkness of the vast endless universe. Fantasies that are bigger than us are making the world not as boring as it actually is and allows us to dream literally bigger than life. Are we alone in this universe? Can we manipulate celestial bodies? What is waiting on the other end of the galaxy? Some of answers on these questions are in fantasies of game devs who decided to make some really cool online casino slot games about outer space. Here is out top list.

Top #5. Space Wars.

This is an amazing game with great visuals and creative design that just blows the mind without any compromise. We were amazed by terrific artwork featuring some of the funniest and memorable aliens. Most of them are decorated generals and want to win their battles. The intergalactic war with stakes bigger than we all, a bunch of really well-drawn aliens, and many gameplay mechanics that utilize the visuals wholly make this game stand out. If you are a big fan of sci-fi and funny comics, you will have a blast with this stylish space adventure. We also liked the variety of bright colors. Each alien has its own color scheme and design making it one of the most visually diverse games on this topic.

TOP 5 Slot Games about Outer Space

Top #4. Starburst.

This is not exactly a game about outer space and deep exploration of the universe, but it has such a great design and focuses its attention on celestial bodies that ignoring it would be a crime. We did enjoy everything about this amazing online casino slot game with juicy colorful explosions of VFX and great sounds that make the gameplay punchy and rhythmic allowing you to thoroughly enjoy a faerie of explosions, fireworks, and bursts of stars that act here as symbols. There are no sci-fi elements and overly complicated visually spacecraft but the whole appeal has that really good feel of an outer space adventure.

TOP 5 Slot Games about Outer Space

Top #3. Star Botz.

A visually outdated, but certainly still relevant slot with design that definitely doesn’t look as sleek and smooth as most modern games by Yggdrasil and NetEnt, but the spirit is what we love about it. It has many decorative elements that look like something taken from a really nice steampunk comic. Metal hull with iron bolts in outer space and robots that do look like something from 1990s – these things strangely create a nice appeal for all people who actually like fun and nicely looking games. It is a good old school entertainment with nothing refreshing in terms of gameplay, but you will like it if you are someone who loves the topic of space.

Top #2. Aliens.

People who did not spend the whole 20th century in hibernation definitely know about aliens. It was one of the best sequels to a story about an alien hostile organism that attacked a crew of a cargo spacecraft. This time, a group of space marines is about to wipe a whole army of those things on a distant colony. While this game is not exactly about travelling through the darkness of universe, it is certainly about a destination of such a journey. This is one of the most polished games ever produced by NetEnt. Great graphics, dark yet memorable VFX, recognizable characters, and lots of action scenery that actually invokes a strong sense of nostalgia.

TOP 5 Slot Games about Outer Space

Top #1. Galacticons.

If you will fly for a long time through the emptiness of the universe, you will eventually end up in weird places inhabited by weird beings. This game is exactly about one of such encounters. This is a cool online slot with a common topic. The design of alien creatures here is quite interesting and, dare we say, original. While it does look somewhat cartoonish, the color scheme is not obnoxious. This also a good choice for people who like the topic of space exploration!

TOP 5 Slot Games about Outer Space

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