Top 4 unearthly casinos to visit before you die

Some of the finest and most mind-blowingly luxurious buildings are erected by famed architects in Macao. Beautiful little Venice with artificial ponds and canals. This is where our number #1 choice is situated. Venetian Macao is probably the single most breathtaking castle with a vast territory of 166 square kilometers. You will find a huge hotel with thousands of rooms, 300 small boutiques, and 35 restaurants as well as multiple conference halls and over 800 tables for gambling.
The developer invested $2.7 billion in the project in order to create the most expensive place to play craps.

City of Dreams, Macao

Covering over 39 thousand square meters, this massive place has 4 towers hosting some of the most well decorated hotels and 14 hundred VIP suites. Guests can entertain themselves by visiting different restaurants, themed bars, concerns, opera halls, and elite boutiques scattered around the territory.  When you are satiated with wandering around and want to dive into the thrilling atmosphere of testing your luck, you can go to the halls with 520 tables and 15 hundred slot machines. The place lives its own life with employees being busy 24/7 and thousands of guests constantly spending their time at tables here and there. The overall investments were close to $2.1 billion.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

There is no doubt that this huge fairyland is amongst the notoriously luxurious places. This place belongs directly to the royal family of Monaco and has been a constant reminder about the era of renaissance with its huge sculptures, expensive drawings, and mosaics. Lots of chandeliers made of bronze and beautiful ceilings lit by crystal lustres. It is rare to hear silence as music is something inherent for this place.
There are different salons for different visitors. There is also a particularly famed VIP section where the riches people of Europe spend their fortunes. Note that these people can live here for free and enjoy personal offers. 30 roulette tables, multiple places to test your fortune in card games, and a bunch of other cool entertainments. You will need to follow a dress code and come in respectable outfit.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Established in 2011, this place has been a pinnacle of the idea of luxury with the overall investments exceeding $8 billion. A huge hotel with 25 hundred really great suites is right in the center of a huge are with bars, parks, recreational facilities, and night clubs. One of the highest buildings in the world is also crowned with a great observation plate from which you can see the whole country. This is also the place where the famous rooftop water pool is situated. While many prefer to come here in order to spend their money in 23 hundred slot machines and 500 other tables, there are various facilities for business processes. You will find huge conference rooms and exhibition halls to be more than just acceptable.

Wynn, Las Vegas

Created by the multimillionaire Steve Wynn, this place is a massive money sink that costs $2.7 billion. It is possibly the most luxurious place in the whole Vegas which is a lot to say when you talk about the city where everything is overly expensive. At Wynn, you will find SPA-centers, recreational facilities, conference halls, over 27 hundred suites and VIP apartments in a 60-store hotel. The territory is massive with 33.5 thousand square meters dedicated to various facilities.
Architects added a lot of cool stuff to the project and even built a huge lake right inside the casino hall. The building has 10.2 thousand square meters devoted to 19 hundred slot machines and 167 tables for other entertainments. The hall is decorated with great works of art that were collected by the owner over the course of his life.


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