Top 5 Ways to lose a fortune: a comprehensive guide of an idiot

I bet the vast majority of readers are on their way to becoming millionaires and they do enjoy their dreams where they bath in champagne and spend time slowly obtaining tan somewhere on a sunny beach. However, there are opposite stories about people who lose their fortunes overnight. If you wonder how you can lose a million in a matter of hours, we want to give you a great series of examples. Most of them will be related to online casinos and gambling in general, but we will start from the most obvious one right away.

Method #1. Purchase the most stupid and overpriced stuff on Earth. Art, for example

The legends about art being overprices are not legends at all. We know that galleries try to manipulate pricing and often have absolutely incomprehensible guidelines determining the final price of a certain piece of art. This means that the vast majority of so-called paintings, sculptures, and installations are essentially worthless. So don’t lose your chance to burn through your capitals and purchase 4 great pieces of painting for a million dollars. This is the silliest and most obvious way to say goodbye to your fortune.

Method #2. Go big or go home

Ok, let’s get real. Now we talk about online casinos and ways to lose your whole capital in a matter of hours. The guide is quite simple and consists of only several steps:

  • Go to a roulette without an upper limit;
  • Start using that worthless Martingale strategy;
  • Profit.

The negative outcome is guaranteed given enough time just due to the nature of the strategy. You have some chances to walk away a couple of bucks richer, but you will lose a million much faster. Try for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. This is our actual best method of wasting your imaginary million.

Method #3. The Max bet guru

Choose absolutely any slot machine. Use the max bet. Start hitting that spin button. It may take a while until you lose a million, but it will inevitably happen if you never change your algorithms and use different strategies. To top it all off, the key to being a successful gambler is using a refined overall strategy and managing your money appropriately. Whatever smart moves you have in game, you will inevitably lose in the long run. On the other hand, playing a good flashy slot game is a lot of fun, so you will be burning you cash while feeling well entertained.

Method #2. The All-In Strategy

This is actually something that could work and does work sometimes when you are playing against really people in poker and you have the biggest bank. If you constantly force your opponents into really bad plays by regularly all-inning or just matching their all-ins, you will sometimes feel like you are winning. In reality, many experienced players will quickly identify your “superior” tactic and suck your pockets dry. This is actually a very thrilling way to lose a million. Competing against other people is always fun and interactive.

Method #1. Make huge deposits everywhere

There are so many scammers out there that you will donate your millions very quickly and some companies will receive money from you and forget that you even exist. Just keep opening accounts on random websites and make deposits. You will quickly get rid of that annoying million dollars. On the bright side, you will have a ton of bonus money especially if you also find places with uncapped bonuses. Just imagine those virtual piles of cash!


There are dozens of ways to lose a fortune. However, you need to earn a fortune to lose a fortune. So choose the right casino, prepare your wallet, and get busy spinning those wheels! Sooner or later, you will be victorious.

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