What are the types of Roulette and how to play it?

There is a firm expression that it is roulette — it’s the queen of gambling. With this, it’s hard not to agree, because often around roulette tables a real hype is created!

What are the types of Roulette and how to play it?

To play roulette on a special table set the wheel, the holes in the last are numbered from 0 to 36. The main secret of a good roulette is the minimum friction during rotation. After the dealer has accepted all bets, he throws a ball on the untwisted wheel. Balls are often made of ivory, and Teflon specimens are often found. Then the croupier announces the number of the cell in which the ball stopped its movement — the bets on this figure are winning. Qualitatively performed roulette is close to the ideal of RNG, on which it is almost impossible to forge results.

All figures of the roulette are divided by colors (black and red) and parity (even and odd). Also there is a figure that goes by itself — it’s a «zero». Guessed the color — multiplied their bet by 2, the same applies to the choice of «even-odd» type. The most difficult thing in roulette is to guess the number on which the ball will stop. Those lucky ones, who succeed in this, expect a good payment of 35: 1.

Already managed to come up with many varieties of «queen of gambling» (read the article «Unusual roulette varieties — the rarest types of roulettes in online casinos»). The prophetess is a French roulette, which according to many sources appeared in the distant 17th century. Now it can be met very rarely. The most popular is the European roulette and it has much in common with the French one. It is considered a classic option, where the casino before the player there is a preponderance of 2.7%. Also in many gambling houses set American roulette. Its main difference is a double zero (00), which almost doubles the advantage of the establishment over the player (5.26%).

What are the types of Roulette and how to play it?

A selection of interesting facts about roulette:

  • Now over 70 thousand roulette tables are installed around the world.
  • 90% of players have their own «hand number», which they always put on during the game. The most popular are
  • zero, 5, 17 and 32.
  • Among the players in roulette, 80% are men.
  • In one of the casinos in Italy at the roulette table once gathered 27 players at once! This indicator is a record for the
  • number of people who simultaneously bet on roulette.
  • Once the number «7» fell 6 times in a row! This case was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records.

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