What Is Your Lucky Charm that Will Help to Win in an Online Casino?

When you start playing in an online casino, millions are at stake and you can become a happy millionaire overnight. However, such a success requires a lot of luck. Without a smile from lady Fortune, fattening your bank account with money won during your amazing runs in a great online slot game will be impossible. This is why we decided to give you a nice list of cool lucky charms that could turn things around if you are on a really bad streak.

A Four-Leaf Clover

World’s most recognizable symbol of good fortune originates from Irelands and has been a part of popular culture for decades. There are dozens of games in online casinos that revolve around this particular plant that has magical properties. One of the reasons why Irish people believed that the flower is a necessity for anyone is due to the fact that fairies (they considered enemies of mankind) are afraid of a four-leaf clover. This was not something that would bring you more chances at winning in a game of dice per se, but more like a protection from evil spirits.

This is a sad news for us, seekers of great winnings in online casinos. Let’s see what else could change our lives in a glance of an eye!

What Is Your Lucky Charm that Will Help to Win in an Online Casino?

A Horseshoe (sometimes, golden)

Just like the number 7, horseshoe is something that all regular players are familiar with. It is such a staple symbol in the industry we just take it for granted that a piece of metal shaped as a C letter is a thing that brings to us all the goodies in the world. However, the history is again far from treasure-bringing legend. One of the most commonly told legends about this symbol is that a skilled blacksmith who lived in the 9th century sealed a horseshoe to the foot of the devil. He refused to undo this until the devil promised that he would never dare to walk in a household with a horseshoe above the door or on it. This is not the only heart touching story about this symbol, but it still does not allow us to recommend it.

Maybe we can dwell deeper in the world of mysticism and luck to find something that would help a person who doesn’t fight fairies and devils?

What Is Your Lucky Charm that Will Help to Win in an Online Casino?

Lucky Rabbit Foot

The amount of references to this thing in pop culture is just enormous. There are dozens of interesting characters, celebrities, and sportsmen who always carry around a key chain with a rabbit foot attached to it. This is something so normal that we are forgetting why we even consider this part of an animal something that brings your good fortune. The belief comes from several sources including Voodoo magic and various mystical rituals performed by Indian tribes. Today, you don’t have to hunt down rodents to get yourself a charm. However, this is again something like a shield against evil powers and not a magnet for jackpots.

This is yet another minor disappointment for us. We need to find a good charm for all gamblers to rely upon when they start experiencing a series of unfortunate events.

What Is Your Lucky Charm that Will Help to Win in an Online Casino?

A Single Penny

Any coin works but you must find it in order to receive a blessing from lady Fortune. Another important condition is that the coin must be showing you the head and not tails. Note that different cultures think about coins differently. If you don’t want to search for pennies randomly laying around on streets of your town, try to purchase a Chinese coin with the square hole in the center. This is also a symbol that is universally considered to be a lucky charm.

Okay, so pennies may be the answer, but there is another candidate for the job and we saved it for the finale.

What Is Your Lucky Charm that Will Help to Win in an Online Casino?

A Lucky Dice

Things related to gambling often were associated with good luck. You can get a card or a dice, but the latter will be much more convenient to carry around or have it on your table all the time. This is a really nice charm and will definitely become something important if you like gambling and betting.

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