Which OS Is the Best for Gambling Online? Choosing The Best Option

All those slots and roulettes slowly but surely start moving from massive old school websites and become mobile trying to acquire a huge audience that was nearly inexistent a couple of decades ago. While we all can agree that we could use some more regulations in terms of how apps should be distributed and advertised, the vast majority of modern gamblers believe that using their favorite smartphones to play is way more convenient. Now nearly all big online casinos offer you a good mobile experience and cross-platform access. The overwhelming amount of of software devs started to prioritize optimizing for modern handheld devices.

With this in mind, we must think about which OS is better for gamblers. We decided to compare a couple of important aspects to decide which devices are better for people who love games of chance.

The simplicity of development

One of the biggest problems related to the creation process of apps is that all HTCs, Samsungs, and Rovers come in all shapes and colors meaning that it is virtually impossible to optimize well for each possible iteration of hardware that exists in the market. It also means that devs will often cut down expenses related to testing and will more likely to put more efforts in creating a good app for iOS. There are 18 thousand possible combinations of hardware that run this operational system.

The consistency or UX

User experience is definitely something every enterprise in our industry prioritzes. When it comes to mobile devices, the variety of Android phones and tablets once again becomes a big issue. An application that you are using without any hassle on your phone made by Samsung may crash constantly on a tablet manufactured by HTC. These problems glare all across the industry.

This is also why many people believe that apps work better on iPhones and iPads. In reality, they don’t necessarily work better, they just perform consistently on different devices.

Which OS Is the Best for Gambling Online? Choosing The Best Option

Scams and fakes

One of the biggest problems of the industry is the amount of scams and fraudulent companies out there. The same goes for mobile app market. You will often come across a nice little tool or a slot game that claims to be a part of a massive online casino. At the same time, it could be a small app that steals your money or gives you a virus and this app could be literally assembled in a couple of hours by a poor student from across the globe. This happens in both stores. Sadly, Google Play is more likely to allow you to get a bad program.

On top of that, it is really easy to simply confuse users by using the same logo as a legit brand on your absolutely fake crawling with viruses game.


This is a big issue for all apps not only slots and roulettes. If you spend a lot of time on your phone or tablet choosing the one with better battery and better performing hardware is very important. A huge number of modern apps are capped at 30 frames per second which is more than fine for a simple game. However, many developers started to create much more demanding apps with flashy visual effects and lots of additional sounds and assets to handle. This means that you need a powerful machine to have over 30 frames per second and enjoy your experience fully.

Many Androids are underperforming quite often due to really bad hardware behind the screen. All products of Apple are usually tested to perform really well.

The main takeaway

While Apple seems to be winning decisively in every single aspect, you must remember that many Android phones are budget choices and will be great if you are careful with what you are installing from the untrusted sources. In the end, it all comes down to preferences and your budget limitations. We think that Apple is much better objectively, but you may think differently.

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