Why Affiliates Matter and What to Look For


Nearly all modern online casinos feature a bunch of partners and independent inspectors that are supposedly supervising them. There are all sorts of affiliation programs that showcase quite attractive products to both business owners and their clientele. There is not a single doubt in the fact that this is an important part of the landscape of the market and we must pay close attention to everything that may affect our customer experience. This is why today we are talking about those affiliates and learn which networks are more beneficial than others.

Firstly, you must understand that enterprises team up for two important reasons:



  • They need to convince their clients that they are credible reliable businesses and have deep connections in the domain;
  • They actually need help in attracting new clients and sharing their data bases to protect themselves from scammers and hackers.

This means all those professional unions are designed primarily to benefit businesses and not their clients, but you can get additional bonuses and special privileges by using brands that are interconnected in the same affiliates network. Let’s talk about some of them.

Affiliates. The UK Based Group

One of the European powerhouses with truly expansive connections in Central and Western Europe. Surprisingly it has less connections in Nordic and Eastern Europe making it a less attractive choice for people living in Asia, Middle-East, Northern Africa, and Nordic-Eastern Europe. The organization is partnered with Playtech and licensed to use all software solutions developed by this company. All websites that become the part of the network have an access to thousands of games, a great cross-platform architecture, and outstanding virtual infrastructure.

At the same time, all partners can use market analytics, regular in-house reports, data from 17 thousand partnered companies scattered all over the world, and quickly obtain clients by participating in various events and sharing programs. While the official date of establishment is the beginning of 2012, the company is actually much older and started its journey in this industry 14 years ago as a small indie enterprise that focused on online poker mostly. Today, it is one of the widest networks.

Casumo. A Nordic-friendly company

This is definitely one of our favorite casinos in general and their own partnership network is more than impressive. It has a necessary depth and a lot of interconnections that make it truly attractive to both businesses and gamblers who want to have a reliable company to work with. If you, for some mysterious reason, do not find the main website of the brand interesting and worth investing in, you can easily try out one of thousands of affiliated enterprises who all demonstrate impeccable quality of service and interesting conditions to everyone.

Many new up and coming online casinos choose this corporation due to many reasons. Amongst those reasons:



  • Quick results and great payouts within the first week of working together;
  • Extremely efficient client sharing tactics that leave both clients and businesses happy;
  • A huge player base of loyal gamblers who just love this brand unconditionally;
  • Incredibly strong marketing campaigns and great presence in social media.

Casumo also heavily targets Nordic and Eastern European companies that want to quickly make name for themselves in the domain. There are several hundreds of Finnish and Swedish businesses that decided to work together with the Casumo brand.

Hero & Betser. A glorious collaboration

This is a perfect example of how two different companies can join their forces to create a massive new powerhouse that has a lot of influence in the market. This relatively new network unites several hundred names in the industry and for 3 years in a row reports steady growth. The prospects look truly great and the brand is focusing heavily on creating good conditions for everyone involved. From outstanding commissions and good rewards for marketing teams to great incentives for active players and enthusiastic business owners. Established in 2014, the company managed to make a loud name for itself. There are several great advantages for casinos and ultimately their clients:

  • No cost initiation which is a great news for any up and coming young firm that wants to fortify its brand in the market without investing too much. For clients it means more competition in the market and consequently better service.
  • Trust and transparency. Companies have complete control over data and analytics which means that they can create new offers and great products for their paying customers improving the experience even further.
  • Well-established brand with positive image in the market. We all know and love this great Heroes Casino that attracts thousands of players from all over the world. This is brand worth trusting.


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