Win, Lose or Go Even? Why Do We Gamble Online? 

Many spend a lot of time looking at the magical blurriness of roulette wheels. Millions enjoy playing in various slot games on their mobile phones or on their laptops while visiting great online casinos. The audience of people who are genuinely interested in engaging in gambling activities keeps growing and expanding including more and more people from different backgrounds. While we usually focus on reviews and tips for newbies, we want to take a big step back and contemplate why we even try to win in the first place.

The History of Fallacies

Sadly, we are all not as unique and smart as we think about ourselves. The vast majority of people are victims to various concepts and biases that ruin lives and dramatically affect how you perceive gambling and its results in the long run and even short term. Regardless of whether you are participating in your local phantasy football league or try to predict the next winner or world series, you will be experiencing a ton of biases that will imbalance your judgement and worsen your overall results in the long run as you won’t be paying attention to really important statistics.

Win, Lose or Go Even? Why Do We Gamble Online? 

Fallacies are logical issues with perceived ideas and patterns that many gamblers employ to explain why they play at all and why they make specific bets at any given moment of time. For example, the gambler’s fallacy tells us that people believe that a long losing streak will eventually end (while the reality is that there is equal statistical probability that it will never end). This is why people lose with strategies like Martingale and Fibonacci.

Another important fallacy to understand (especially when playing in an online casino) is the gambler’s conceit which is an idea that people tend to keep going and developing a dangerous addiction due to believing in their own ability to stop at any given moment of time. Paired with the previous fallacy, this one makes games of chance as addictive as they are. You believe that your unlucky streak is about to end and you postpone your break/pause because you are waiting for that juicy big win that will become the pinnacle of a prolonged losing streak.

False beliefs and inadequate logic make us slaves of gambling. However, there are great ways to avoid such problems and become independent.

How to Be a Better Gamer

You must understand that all slot games are designed to be addictive and they want to lure you in this flashy blinking world where every single spin will bring you a small win. However, you can be enjoying it safely without falling victim to greedy hands of those casino owners. In order to do so, you must remember about those fallacies and realize that we do not engage in various gambling and betting activities to win, lose or go even. We want to have fun and enjoy ourselves. To tingle our nerves and may earn a buck or two.

If you want to go pro and make a fortune by betting on huge sport and political events, by all means go for it. However, people who want to simply relax at home after a really hard work day and enjoy their time, should just opt for great online slots. You don’t need to be a big winner and fly to Sweden to get that fat check. You can do well without meticulously calculating odds to extend your budget during bad times. You can just enjoy the gameplay, designs, and great special effects while hoping to win some.

For a modern gambler there is only one real goal: avoiding addictions. Games are great. We all love technologically advanced applications from NetEnt. We also know that a confused gambler that does not know why we love gambling will ultimately lose all the money. Be smart and remind yourself that winning is not everything and losing is not the end of the world.

Win, Lose or Go Even? Why Do We Gamble Online? 


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